Patented SoundPulse® Technology. Patented TuneConn™ Technology to Sync Audio across 100+ Speakers. Lossless High Fidelity Audio. Personalize Audio via In-app Equalizer. Stable Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity. Intelligent Voice Assistant. Type-C Charging Port. Up to 15 Hours of Playtime.
  • 7 Reviews
    Patented SoundPulse® Technology.  True Wireless Stereo Technology. NFC Seamless Connection. Up to 10 Hours of Playtime. Three EQ Effects Switchable. IPX5 Waterproof Rating. Intelligent Voice Assistant. Inbuilt USB-A Power Bank.
  • 11 Reviews
    SoundPulse® Technology. 360-degree Surround Sound. Engineered with 4 Tweeters, 1 Woofer and 8 Passive Radiators. 2.1 Channel System. Up to 20 Hours of Continuous Playtime. IPX5 Waterproof Rating. Integrated Lighting Touch Panel Offers Convenient Gesture Control. Supports Voice Assistant.
  • 68 Reviews
    Patented SoundPulse® Technology. Intuitive Touch Control. Dual Passive Radiators. True Wireless Stereo Technology. Up to 15 Hours of Playtime. Supports Voice Assistant. >> Click to See the Upgraded Waterproof Version - Element Force