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Powering You Ahead
The core value of us is to make your life easier by providing you with high-tech, high-quality and high-performance products.
About Us
Tronsmart is an audio brand providing portable speakers, party speakers & bluetooth headphones,
which has been dedicated to the audio industry for over 9 years. To raise our brand reputation,
we signed the soccer star Luis Suárez as our official brand ambassador in 2018.
With years of effort, Tronsmart has got over 20+ international certifications & patents, many exclusive technologies
such as SoundPulse®, TuneConn™ and expanded to over 90 countries, including North America, South America,
Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.
We are committed to providing our customers with incredible sound quality for indoor and outdoor listening.
Tronsmart has covered over 90 countries in the world.
The founder of Tronsmart, Eric Cheng, is an electronic enthusiast who in 2008 used his first paycheck to create a small laboratory, where he disassembled tech products in order to grasp a greater understanding of their inner components. Being located in Shenzhen - Asia's Silicon Valley of hardware - he would find components in the local market and assemble his own unique electric devices. Eric took this self-acquired understanding of electronics and used it to create a wide range of cost-effective gadgets. After assembling a trusted team, Eric managed to bring his self-made electronics to mass production; thus creating the brand “Tronsmart” in 2013.
Electron Smart Tronsmart
Tronsmart has assembled a team of world-renowned R&D professionals in order to continually create the latest and greatest products. Tronsmart employs over 200 talented individuals, a third of which are engineering specialists. Tronsmart truly believes that “if you offer the customer quality products at an affordable price, nothing can stop you from expansion”. It’s this system of belief that fuels our desire to keep “Powering You Ahead” by continually offering more incredible products each year.