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Let’s Party On the Go with Amazing Party Speakers

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Explore the Party Series of Tronsmart & Enjoy Favorite Tunes

Party speakers are a must-have for any event or gathering, they provide the perfect sound system to keep the party going and create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, going on a road trip, or throwing a beach party, these incredible party speakers from Tronsmart's Bang Series & Halo Series are a must-have to ensure the music never stops.

Talking about the difference between Bang Series & Halo Series, the major differences shall be portability, sound quality, scenes & IP ratings. Regarding portability,  the Bang Series excels with its built-in slide-proof handle, making it ideal for outdoor parties. On the other hand, the Halo Series is focused on delivering rich detailed sound for outdoor karaoke demands, prioritizing sound quality. Referring to IP Rating, Bang series is equipped with IPX6 Waterproof while Halo series varies from IPX4 to IPX6.

Therefore, the Bang Series is highly regarded as the go-to channel for portable party speakers. Among the exceptional models in this series, the Bang Max stands out as a legendary option, delivering a loud sound with powerful bass, melodious mids, and clear treble. It also offers a wider soundstage and higher clarity, enhancing the overall audio quality. On the other hand, the Bang Mini provides crystal clear treble and captivating bass, thanks to its meticulously acoustic tuning and 2-way sound system. Additionally, the Bang SE is praised for its convenient carrying strap, which adds to its positive attributes. In summary, Bang has established itself as the leader in the party speaker market, revolutionizing the way we enjoy music at gatherings and events.

In addition, the Halo Series is a highly regarded collection of karaoke speakers that has gained a great reputation among all of you. The Halo 200, in particular, is the most popular model due to its exceptionally expansive soundstage and distortion-free audio. Another popular option is the Halo 110, which includes a wired microphone and was the first karaoke speaker developed by our team. For those interested in the Halo 100, it also features a 3-way sound system that is sure to impress.

Tronsmart is dedicated to providing a wide range of party speakers, with the creation of the Bang Series and Halo Series. Free to pick up party speakers by different scenes. If would like to hold an indoor dancing party in the backyard, both Bang Series & Halo Series could be applied. If prefer to host bus parties or outdoor parties, Bang Series would be better. However, if it comes to indoor karaoke parties, Halo 200 shall be the best choice. Feel free to visit the Tronsmart website to explore the unique features and differences between the Bang Series and Halo Series.


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