CX919, MK908II & MK808B Plus Firmwares

1.Android 4.2 Stock Firmware for Tronsmart CX-919
Firmware download link is:

2.Tronsmart MK908II new firmware_150304

Firmware released on 20150304. Download link is here:

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Firmware Download link is here:

3.MK808B Plus Firmware Download

MK808B Plus_110K4 firmware:

MK808B Plus_111K4 formal version is released. MK808B plus can support update online and just click the wireless update.

Here is the USB flashing firmware.

MK808B plus & S89 can use the same flashing tools, just press the reset button on the body.

Here is the SD flashing firmware.

Here is the FOTA firmware (It’s only for some developer to play)

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