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Ara X5 & Ara X5 Plus Windows TV box Firmwares

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1.Tronsmart Ara x5 Windows10 Drivers Download
Here is the full drivers&BIOS download link for Ara X5, including wifi module, Ethernet, sound card driver etc.

Click Here to download the drivers&bios file

Click here to download the instructions for flash BIOS&First time booting

Ara X5 is pre-installed English language, but different users want to install their local display&input language. Tronsmart offers simple tutorial instruction for our users, which is based on Russia Language installation.Please download the instruction here:


2.Ara X5 Plus Drivers, BIOS & Firmware

BIOS for Ara X5 Plus
Please download the BIOS for Ara X5 Plus here:

And download the update instruction for Ara X5 Plus:

This Is only compatible with ARA X5 Plus with external Antenna due to Different WIFI and Battery management files. Also, Previous model(ARA X5) Bios files are not compatible with ARA X5 Plus.

Drivers & APPS for Ara X5 Plus

Please download the drivers for Intel3160 here

Please download the Audio&Camera & Graphics & Battery management drivers here

PS: The install instruction for the above drivers is similar with AP6330, please download here

Please download desktop apps of keyboard & WiFi & Sound management here


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