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Vega S95 Pro, Meta, Telos Firmwares

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1.Factory stock firmware

This is the stock firmware which shipped with your device. and if we have the new update, you will receive the OTA update notice, and you just need to click the update button.

OTA update procedures:
1.) All Apps -> Update & Backup App -> Click ” Online Update”
Or Settings -> More Setting -> About Media box -> System Update
2.) Confirm to update and let the system to reboot and complete the update process

If you want the full system image, They are here: We offer two ways to update the system manually:
1) Via SD Card
2) Via PC (Only support windows pc right now, and need usb-a male to male cable)

For Vega s95 Telos:

For Vega S95 Meta:

For Vega S95 Pro:

The update instructions for both are here:

Remote controller app for Android phones:www.mediafire.com/download/1f7z9f31pqq4y…Client_Tronsmart.apk

2.Vega S95 released_20160413 New Firmware

1.Updated the H.265 drivers fix no sound issue with video switching.
2.Fixed streaming issue video, 4K H.265 and HD H.264.
3.Fixed boot issue Tronsmart Opening logo.
4.Fixed random drop out of AC3/DTS on Vidon player.
5.Fixed FF/RW black screen when playing videos
6.Fixed the pink screen on some old TV (Add option: Setting->more setting->force RGB Output, choose on)
7.Add auto frame rate function.
8.Add logs catch function(Settings–>More setting–>Developer option–>Save log)

Screenshot of S95 Telos_160413

Screenshot of S95 Meta_160413

3.Screenshot of S95 Pro_160413

And please pay attention to the setting of Vidon for pass though:
1. Please register in www.vidon.me forum to get an account and log in when enable pass through on Vidon Setting.

2. Setting as the following pictures Vidon->system->setting->system->Audio output

3.Here is the newest stock firmware:

S95 Telos:

If you want to flash via PC USB burning tools, download the following firmware:

If you have a problem to update via PC, try this SD card update firmware:

S95 Meta:

If you want to flash via PC USB burning tools, download the following firmware:

If you have a problem to update via PC, try this SD card update firmware:

S95 Pro:

If you want to flash via PCUSBb burning tools, download the following firmware:

If you have a problem to update via PC, try this SD card update firmware:

Please Note, In this firmware, we include the newest vidon xbmc 15.2.3. So even with OTA update, your old Kodi settings and add-on should be reset. So we strongly recommend you back up your Kodi adds-on before you do this update. Here is instruction on how to backup:


And in the end, we push video released general version to match Telos/Meta/Pro. Please try if you like.



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