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TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse

TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse

28 Reviews 

The TG007 RGB gaming mouse sports a comfortable design, 9 programmable buttons and is equipped with a Sniper button, which allows you to achieve extended controls for an edge in battle.


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Brilliant Illumination

With 16.8 million RGB colors, it can deliver a unique stunning lighting effect to fit your gameplay.

9 Programmable Buttons

Customize your favourite commands and macros to set particular actions for different games.

You can download the dedicated software here >> Tronsmart TG007 Gaming Mouse Software

Note: Support Windows system for programmable using and Mac OS for normal using.

Accurate Sniper Button

Hit your opponents precisely in those intensive FPS battles.

7200 DPI

Easily adjust the matching mouse speed for different gaming genres.

Polling Rate  

Ensures smooth and high-speed movement. (125Hz - 250Hz - 500Hz)

Durable Switches

Supports up to 20 million clicks.

Ergonomic Design

Offers comfortable grips & long-term usage.

Product Dimension
125 x 66.5 x 45 mm / 4.92 x 2.62 x 1.78 inches
Product Weight
125 ± 5 g / 4.41 ± 0.2 oz
Package Contents
TG007 wired gaming mouse x 1, Warranty card x 1, User manual x 1


my best choice

It was my best choice. excellent quality fits comfortably in the hand. It has an excellent coating and shape that gives comfort during long use. accurate sensor. amazing RGB LED effects. you can program an additional 8 buttons. before that, my partner uses a Logitech mouse and he does not see much difference between them. great value for money too.



I use this mouse over a week to play in cs and not only and I'm happy. It has a lot of functions. You can change colors a lot. The most I am satisfied with the functionality of the dpi can be easily set to one another. As for the shape he perfectly folded under my hand, it is not too much for me.


Good quality!

It is very flexible to use the mouse when I am playing the gaming or use on the laptop for doing word office. It is very comfortable to use. It also shows colors when the mouse is using. Like it. Good quality!


Excellent product

Low price, customization buttons and DPI, easy to use and to modify settings. It's built well also is smooth comfortable and light. The mouse is responsive, the cable is sturdy and the buttons click clearly and easily. overall great value for the product recommends.


Nice mouse

Bought this bad boy for my gaming PC I have in the living room. It looks the part with my set up. Fits in perfectly with what I have. The mouse responds very well and is perfectly suited for my hand. The buttons are in convenient places and the overall feel of this mouse is premium. This was a super buy and overall really pleased with mouse and the price I paid.


Quite a comfy check all the boxes.

Got this to replace my broken cm storm gaming mouse. for the price it's quite good, 7200 dpi, RGB lighting, programming bottom check all the boxes. It’s a quit big mouse so did my old, quite comfy and works well. recommend.


Gamers' favourite

I haven't hesitated to buy this mouse, because I can't find a reason that I don't buy it. It is equipped with RGB lighting to perform any color you like. 9 programmable buttons, you can use it in-game or in editing video, like me. And DPI can change to 6 levels, 2 times than my previous Logitech mouse, while this one is cheaper than the Logitech one. Most important for me, it has smooth shape, won't cut my hand like some gaming mouse.


looks good

Ergonomics not good for large hands, if you’re a youngster with smaller hands ok, very sensitive, good light features looks good on your desk, can’t imagine with the feel of it though cannot imagine it will last a long time. ok so far so good.


A great work mouse

Software easy to set up. I just wanted a simple mouse for my laptop as I keep swapping my gaming mouse to the laptop If you are looking for a comfortable mouse at a reasonable price then this is a very good choice.


Fast and snappy.

A very snappy mouse. High DPI and smooth movement. It feels fast and snappy.
It has some programmable buttons with a snipe button included which is very useful for gaming.
The mouse is good both for gaming and casual use. A little draw back for me is that it is a bit bigger than what I owned before, but I got used to it. I think it's a good buy!


Looking is nice

This side ok for my hand, comfortable grips. And I like his light. The important thing is the key is sensitive and the speed is fast.


Quality mouse

I bought this mouse as my razer one broke, definitely a cheaper alternative. Feels very nice and clicks very well.



Great mouse! I play a lot of game every day, and the mouse helps me with my gaming skill, cool design and absolutely great quality.


Easy to see what you’re doing.

Loved the lights, easy to see in the dark. Handles well though I do find it a bit slow to move, probably the Teflon feet, fine if you like not moving too much. The buttons work well, didn’t find a need for the sniper button, but the buttons at the side are great and being programmable you can set them to a variety of functions. Nice weight in mouse and wire didn't tangle.



Mouse works perfectly well, I been using it for gaming and non-gaming use the past few days and is working flawlessly. Perfect quality for the price! thanks!


high quality and affordable

This is a very good budget mouse. I have the same brand keyboard and this mouse is as good as the keyboard. the lighting effects are amazing and fully customizable. Also, every key can be customized. one of the cool effects is the side sniper button which brings your DPI to 500 or less for those very accurate movements that you need, it’s a very good effect and I love it. For this price, it’s a fantastic offer and it's a great bargain. highly recommend this item


Functional and pretty

I love the RGB LED effects it looks amazing, and it also gives visual feedback for the mouse resolution.
It had a nice smooth glide, feels nice and economic. The buttons have a tactile click, which for me is very important. Best budget gaming mouse I've purchased.


keys are sensitive

The game mouse is very easy to use, the keys are sensitive, the response speed is fast, and the game experience is good when I play the game. The LED lights is colored, and it is especially sensitive when moving the mouse.


Absolutely amazing

My son had wanted a gaming mouse for a long time as his old one was awful so I finally got him a new one. He plays a lot of Fortnite and he said the mouse was amazing and it helped him with his gameplay. I have also used the mouse to test it and it was amazing. It worked flawlessly and the colour modes look beautiful. Very impressed.


Great gaming mouse

Very cool looking gaming mouse, great design as fit well on the palm and comfy. Smooth and soft controls buttons. Changeable light mode which looking very cool.


looks nice and works fine

I like this gaming mouse. it feels really comfortable in my hands, and it connects to my pc straight away. it is very sensitive, and it looks very stylish. all the buttons are working fine. I am happy with this gaming mouse.


Really nice quality mouse.

This mouse is a brilliant mouse for anything. Extremely accurate sensor and good build quality (it is ergonomic, easy to grip and has a nice soft touch finish on top). The RGBs look amazing (although if you see recordings of it, it looks choppy because the refresh rate of the camera and LEDs are different-but in person, it is perfectly smooth and bright). All buttons are programmable and the software is very good and easy to use. I have had this mouse for months now and still no problems with it.


pretty good

Replaced my cheap mouse that I got for a couple of quid with this one it’s much better and smoother and the buttons don't stick so that's cool as well. There are 7 buttons in total and the sides light up when it’s on.


Great value and fully customizable

This is a great mouse for gaming, it has many customizable buttons and lots of DPI options. The LED lights are adjustable. I also like the design, it's really fancy and economical. I would recommend this as it's also a great value for the price.


Better than wireless for games

After days of work, I think it is much better than the wireless one. I have a cheap wireless game mouse but it loses control frequently that I really don’t know where goes wrong. Wireless mouse is not suitable for games but that is all my own advice. All depends on your own choice.


Great value with loads of features!

This is a really good mouse.
It looks great with the lighting effects but more importantly feels great in the hand. It's just the right weight for me and the switches feel responsive and quality.
The inclusion of a 'sniper' button is great at this price, a fantastic range of dpi settings and 9 of the buttons being programmable adds even more value.
It is designed for right-handed people and feels good using a palm grip.
Great for the money.
Highly recommended!


Great gaming mouse

Just what I needed for my gaming on my pc, works in every way it should. I love the style all round and how easy it is to set up and use, very impressed and would highly recommend you buying this as you won't be disappointed.


It's really beautiful

Love this mouse so much!!! Bought this mouse simply because I like the rainbow colour light around it, absolutely beautiful (as seen in the video).
I would recommend this mouse for gifting to gamers or to people who loved rainbow colours.
If my review has helped you in any way, please click the "helpful" button below so that I know. Thanks :)

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TG007 RGB Gaming Mouse

The TG007 RGB gaming mouse sports a comfortable design, 9 programmable buttons and is equipped with a Sniper button, which allows you to achieve extended controls for an edge in battle.

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