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Tronsmart TuneConn™ Technology
Cutting-edge Patented Wireless Transmission Technology
Engineered with advanced technology, TuneConn™ is an easy-operating multi -device audio system in which one works as the main transmitting device while others serve as secondary receiving devices. Exclusive TuneConn™ Technology ensures excellent synchronization among different Bluetooth speakers, which allows connecting with 100+ speakers(same model, different models under developing) and plays music at the same beats.
Home theater prevails at all times, thus, people wonder if there are any portable speakers that could share audio to multiple Bluetooth speakers to create mini home theaters in their rental house. As demand increased, Tronsmart is dedicating to innovating on the former solutions and puts forward a brand-new system to deliver cinema-like audio in portable speakers, that is, TuneConn™ Technology.
Tronsmart Patented Technology TuneConn™ is an industry-leading wireless transmission mode integrating Dual DSP Audio Processing, which gives you all-around processing ranging from EQ to enhanced bass & treble, dynamic equalizer, dynamic EQ, various DRC processing and digital amplifier so as to deliver higher resolution & rich-detailed audio streaming with lower distortion.
Dynamic 2.1 Channel System
Upgraded from 1.1 Channel system, 2.1 channel setup consists of one left channel, one right channel, and a subwoofer channel. 2.1 channel setups make it easier to use smaller bookshelf speakers for the left and right channels, and a subwoofer for the lower frequencies. Engineered with 2.1 channel system, Tronsmart patented technology TuneConn™ delivers tonal balance with rich-detailed audio in directional stereo effects and subwoofer fills in more depth to the audio, which could be widely applied in home theater system with stereo surround sound.
Party Along with You
Tronsmart Patented Technology TuneConn™ breaks up the limitation of wireless audio technologies in a well-knit size and serves consumers for sharing their music in unexpected ways directly from their devices. Imagine they used to share a new song in limited volume amongst their individual headphones or enjoy a silent party in a narrow space, but now they could share exciting moments with hundreds of friends in vast space through louder broadcast audio with surround stereo system such as organizing a drive-in theater or holding tailgate parties even gathering.
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