Tronsmart WC1T Wall Charger Specifications

Tronsmart WC1T Wall Charger Specifications

Some customers gave feedback about the details on the package of TRONSMART WC1T wall charger which is a different one to another. We apologize for all the confusions and would like to publicly express the differences hereby.

Cable differences: Technically, there are two different kinds of cables coming with WC1T wall chargers. One version is with a 6ft/1.8m micro USB cable in the package, and another version is with a 6ft/1.8m type c cable inside. Both of two versions we provide 3 kinds of plugs(US, EU, UK) for our customers to choose.

tronsmart cable

tronsmart cable

There is one more thing about WC1T Wall Charger we’d like to clarify, we’ve customized a special version of WC1T US with green colored USB port lately. Please kindly note that there is only one change which is the color of charging port. It only uses QC 3.0 technology, as all of our other WC1T Chargers do, the charging port is not combined with VoltiQ technology.

wall charger

                            Upgrading Plan for Tronsmart W3PTA Wall Charger

We’re planning to upgrade our Tronsmart W3PTA Wall Charger in the near future. We will upgrade the QC 3.0 blue charging port to QC 3.0+VoltiQ green charging port.

w3pta wall charger

We’ve made a batch of upgraded versions lately, which are W3PTA US and W3PTA EU online versions. Other versions(UK online package version and retail store package version)of this charger with a blue charging port will be discontinued and replaced by the upgraded version eventually. We hope this clarification will help to explain why some customers have received upgraded version W3PTA earlier before.

As for the package box differences, please check: About Changes to Tronsmart Charger Packaging and USB Port Colors

As technology develops, we will continue to update our products, some of the product packaging, and some of the USB colors will potentially be changed. We will inform the community regarding any relevant changes on this page. Please feel free to write to, if you still have the question about our products.

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