The Differences You Need To Know About Element Mega, Force and Force+

The Differences You Need To Know About Element Mega, Force and Force+

We first released the powerful Element Mega speaker in September 2017, equipped with our latest SoundPulse™ technology that can deliver 40W max power output in a compact size. With this excellent power-packed feature the Element Mega has become one of our bestselling Bluetooth speakers. The only down side of this high-performance speaker is the fact that it’s not fully waterproof.

(Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker)

For this reason, we launched the Element Force in November 2018. The Element Force is a 40W max output Bluetooth speaker that has an IPX7 waterproof rating. 

(Element Force Bluetooth Speaker)

Furthermore, we also released the Element Force+ which is tailored to our specific sales channels, that has all the same features as the Element Force except for a different appearance. 

(Element Force+ Bluetooth Speaker)

After reading the above paragraph, you may feel confused about the Element Mega and Element Force/Force+. Besides the waterproof feature, is Element Force/Force+ the same as Element Mega? Let’s have a comprehensive look at both of them by comparison and some concerning questions.

The Comparison of Basic Specification 

From the chart above it can be seen that the basic specification of three speakers is nearly the same including the Bluetooth 5.0, up to 40W power output and 6600mAh large battery with up to 15 hours of play time. Obviously, the dimensions and product weight are different, but not by too much.

Additionally, the full charging time also has a slight difference because of the different charging port. Element Force and Force+ use a USB-C charging port that can provide 5V/3A and 5V/2.4A charging speed while the Micro charging port of Element Mega only can deliver 5V/2.1A. Overall the basic specification of three speakers is not so different as to influence their music playing performance. 

Other Concerning Questions of These Three Speakers

1. What’s SoundPulse™ technology? Are all of them equipped with this technology?

-  Element Mega and Element Force/Force+ are equipped with our latest SoundPulse™ technology. This technology allows the speaker to deliver a 40W max output making the bass deeper and vocals more defined. If you want to know more details about this technology, you can click here:

2. What’s the difference between Element Force and Force+?

-  Besides the obvious different appearance, the biggest difference between them is the sales channels.

The Element Force is for online shops only. 

And the Element Force+ is tailored to our specific market based on the specific conditions. At present, you can get Element Force+ from the following sales areas, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. If you need to know the exact address of the store, you can contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or comment below directly, we will reply as soon as possible.

3. About the TWS function, can I pair one Element Mega with one Element Force?

-  Actually, you can’t. Our TWS function only supports connect two same Bluetooth speakers together which means you can pair two Element Mega or two Element Force. 

4. What’s the difference between Element Mega and Element Force/Force+?

-  There are three distinct differences between them.

The first one is the waterproof function. The Element Force and Force+ all feature an excellent IPX7 waterproof rating which means they can be fully immersed water for 30 minutes reaching a depth of 1 meter. But the Element Mega is not waterproof. In addition, the Element Force and Force+ are also drop and dust resistant.

The second one is the gesture control. Element Mega can be controlled by intuitive touching. It is designed with a fully integrated lighting touch panel with unique slide-to-control volume mechanism. But the Element Force and Force+ only can be controlled by pressing the buttons.

The third one is the equalizer audio modes. Element Force and Force+ feature this function while Element Mega does not. These three equalizer audio modes are 3D stereo, extra bass and standard vocal. You can switch them by press the EQ button. Select the best sound to fit your mood.

5. How long do these three speakers take to charge separately?

-  As the chart is shown above we can see that the Element Mega will take 4-5 hours while the Element Force/Force+ will take about 3 hours because of the different charging ports. 

6. These three speakers all have upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 version, what're the differences comparing to the older version?

-  There are two main upgraded features, the first one is Bluetooth 5.0, which can offer the latest connectivity option for a more stable connection & better range.

The second feature is Voice Assistant. You can activate the personal Voice Assistant through a simple button tap. After accessing the Voice Assistant, you can ask to make calls, control music, ask about the weather and a lot more.

7. In the official product page, you said Force and be paired with Mega, so can I pair Force with Force+, Mega with Force+?

-  Please note that, for the pairing up function of Force and Mega, it only supports the upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 version. Two speakers should be the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, not the old version.
Second, at present, Force can not pair with Force+, Mega also can not pair with Force+. 

Finally, let’s have a quick conclusion. If you need a waterproof powerful Bluetooth speaker, the Element Force/Force+ is your best choice. But if you do not need any waterproof function and if you’re a gesture control lover, then the Element Mega is perfect for you. And if you have any other questions about these three speakers, please comment below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.  

Updated on August, 10th, 2019

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