New Arrival - Tronsmart TK09R RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

New Arrival - Tronsmart TK09R RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In July of 2018, Tronsmart launched its first TK09R RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard further developing its Gaming product line. This TK09R mechanical keyboard launched with powerful software and several admirable features. In the following blog post, we will unveil this mechanical keyboard in detail. 

Tronsmart Radiant

Tronsmart Radiant is software designed for our Gaming products. It connects all compatible gaming devices together in a single interface offering intelligent control with unlimited possibilities. Radiant is the most powerful Tronsmart software to date and you can click to learn more about it at

Premium & Durable Key Switches

These days the keyboard market is roughly divided into two categories: one is the traditional membrane keyboard and the other one is the mechanical keyboard. Most gamers choose a mechanical keyboard when they decide to get a gaming keyboard. This is mainly because a mechanical keyboard with its high-performance key switch provides a better user experience and long-term usage than a traditional keyboard. Our TK09R mechanical keyboard is equipped with superior Outemu blue key switches with a 50 million keystroke lifespan that allows you to experience unprecedented accurate tactile feedback at 1ms. With high-quality key switch material including protection housing, spring and gold-plated contact points ensure durable and long-term usage. 

Programmable Macro Keys

Tronsmart Radiant software is stored in the cloud so it can be updated automatically when starting the software after you have installed it from the driver CD or downloaded from Tronsmart’s official website. This software can program macro keys that allow you to set custom commands. You can set up any keys to trigger a macro to make game play easier. Customize the RGB lighting to create a more immersive gaming environment. 

At the same time, TK09R supports WIN key lock mode that helps you to avoid accidentally pressing the Window key during gameplay.

16.8 Million RGB Lighting

If you are a user who likes lighting effects while playing games or during daily work use, then this Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical keyboard is a good choice. Pre-configured lighting options with 16.8 million RGB colors deliver dynamic and vibrant lighting effects. It helps to create an immersive gaming playing environment. Unlike other keyboards with glaring, strong lighting that makes you tired and uncomfortable after a long time of usage. The lighting effects of our TK09R are soft, delicate and comfortable to meet the needs of long-time use. 

Additionally, there are 10 adjustable RGB backlit that you can control via Fn + F5/F6 without starting the Radiant software to operate. These 10 backlit include Beat-driven Light Show, Gluttonous Snake, Green Light, RGB Gradients, Breathing, Rainbow Roulette, Spectrum Cycling, Reactive, Ripple in one Row and Ripple. You can click below to learn more about these effects.

The most attractive Beat-driven light show allows you to experience rhythmic lights while playing any music or cadences. When you are playing MOBA, FPS or other games you can experience every hit, fight and kill sound with the changing light that creates a total game world for you to concentrate on better. You also can play some electronic or rock music to see the unique light show. As for the Gluttonous Snake, it is a relaxing game for you to play on the keyboard keys. 

All Keys Anti-Ghosting

What is one of the most important practical function for a game player? It would be the number of anti-ghosting keys. A traditional keyboard supports 7 keys being pressed at the same time, but when some games require more than 7 keys being pressed simultaneously you can't do anything else. But if you choose the Tronsmart TK09R which equipped with all keys anti-ghosting to ensure that multiple keys are registered when pressed at the same time. No matter how fast your in-game actions are it keeps up with you. When you are in a game, full key rollover can help you to win with the final hit without a seconds delay.

Ergonomic Design

It is believed that many of you have the experienced that your palms and wrists become tired and uncomfortable after use of a keyboard without any wrist rest support for a long time. TK09R has solved this problem. Its palm and wrist rest design offers ultimate comfort during gaming sessions or office working.

Additionally, the adjustable feet along with the anti-slip material provide the perfect angle for longtime use as well. Comfort is the king. 

8MB Flash Memory

Beside the above highlights, TK09R also features inbuilt 8MB flash memory which lets you store the offline configurations while switching between computers. Do not worry about losing all you configurations while carrying the keyboard on-the-go anymore. You can have your setting at home and then carry the keyboard to take part in any gaming competitions. The setting still works. 

In the end, Tronsmart TK09R is the truly versatile gaming keyboard that allows you to have richer experience while playing games of any genre. It is you-defined macro & chroma mechanical gaming keyboard. And besides US layout, it also has Spanish and Italian versions for your choice.

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