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Tronsmart Element Splash Bluetooth Speaker User Guide

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The basic user guide and troubleshooting of Element Splash Bluetooth speaker.

Basic information about Splash.

Please check the user manual coming with the speaker in the package or download a copy of the user manual from our official website at

There is something more you might need to know about Tronsmart Splash Bluetooth speaker:

Sleep Mode

The speaker would go into sleep mode (power off automatically, energy saving design) if not paring with any device over Bluetooth within 5 mins. Once it paired with a Bluetooth device successfully, if nothing played via it over Bluetooth within 15 mins, it would go into sleep mode as well. Please press the power button to turn it on again when you need to use it.

TWS Mode

Here is how to set two Tronsmart Splash Speakers into TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Mode:
Turn the two Splash speakers on, double click the power button on one speaker and wait 10-20 seconds for the two speakers to pair with each other automatically, if no response, double click the power button on the other speaker and wait for 10-20 seconds.

Repeat the above procedure 2-3 times. The first time to set the two speakers into TWS mode might take you some time (about 1 minute), however, once they paired successfully, if you need TWS mode in the future,  just turn them on, they will automatically reconnect to each other in 3-5 seconds.
Please check the Google drive link here, it's a short clip to show how the speakers reconnect to each other automatically and how to disconnect them manually and how to set them into TWS mode. 

TF Card Mode

Please press the power button to switch Bluetooth Mode to TF Card Mode. TF/Micro SD card memory capacity should be no more than 32G.

Factory Reset

Please hold the play/pause button for 5-8 seconds to make a factory reset. This will help to clear all the paring records from the speaker end. After a factory reset, you need to connect it to your Bluetooth device manually as the first time you did.

Special Tips:

Please check if the charging gap is perfectly sealed before you put it into the water. Please do not leave it into the water for over half an hour. It’s better to clean the speaker with a cloth after taking it out from water and wait for the water inside to dry naturally before you recharge it.


Not charging: Please change cables to test.
Bluetooth Transmit Range: Please test it in the open field regarding the transmit range, wall and human body or other obstacles may block or decrease Bluetooth signal transmit, it’s better to make sure no obstacles between the speaker and sound source.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

If you play downloaded music over Bluetooth mode and the sound from the speaker is intermittent, please test it in open field to check if the speaker performs well without possible interfere from WiFi or other 2.4GHz frequency signal sources. 

Customer Support: Please email asking for further assistance.


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