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Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Element T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Element T2 Plus Portable Outdoor Speaker

20 Reviews 
  • Deep Bass.
  • Stereo Pairing.
  • NFC Streaming.
  • Portable Lanyard.
  • Type-C Charging.
Color : Black

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An Ultra-portable Speaker with the Latest Technology
Equipped with the latest technology including BT 5.0 & USB-C, T2 Plus is engineered to deliver deep bass and punchy sound in a compact size.
"This is a perfect portable pool party speaker."
"The Tronsmart T2 Plus “Element” Series Speaker is an amazingly powerfully little speaker and the size makes it so easy to carry with you everywhere. This is the kind of speaker that anyone in any situation, whether kayaking, showering, or hanging out around a fire."
"Top 5 Connected Speakers at A Low Price."
"The Tronsmart Element T2 Plus is an excellent choice if we are looking for a portable, with good power and relatively good sound quality, considering its price."
"Tronsmart Element T2 Plus is, without doubt, an excellent accessory for those who want to listen to their music without being attached to a cable and with good audio quality. Element T2 Plus is ideal both outdoors and indoors, thanks to a pleasant and functional design."
"Audio quality is good: the bass is powerful but well balanced."
Deep Bass, Powerful Audio
20W of deep bass and punchy sound delivered from dual full-range speaker drivers and a passive radiator.
IPX7 Fully Waterproof
Engineered for water - ready for throwing into whatever beach or pool.
All-Day Playtime
Keep your favorite playlist going on with up to 24 hours / 500 songs on a single charge.
*On a 50% volume level.
Stereo Sound, Double Fun
Pair two T2 Plus for a more stereo surround sound to bring your party to life.
Palm-sized, Built to Go
Fits in your hand easily to play tunes anywhere anytime.
Wireless with BT & NFC1 Play music wirelessly via BT or simply touch your NFC-enabled device to the speaker to get the music streaming seamlessly. Voice Assistant Access Siri or Google now for help from your speaker with a simple button tap. USB-C Charge Use the same cable with your other USB-C devices, without carrying one more cable on the go.
All pictures above are the updated edition - with NFC feature - so that there is an NFC icon on the top.
1. There are two editions of this product, which are the first edition without the NFC feature and the updated edition with NFC feature. You can distinguish them by checking the NFC icon.
Element T2 Plus
Black, Green
Wireless Version
Wireless Range
Up to 30m/100ft (Open Area)
Input Power
5V/2A via Type-C Port
IP Rating
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)
Up to 24 Hours (50% Volume)
Charging Time
3 Hours
Frequency Range
Playing Modes
Micro SD/ TF Card
Other Features
Stereo Pairing
NFC Seamless Connection
Product Dimension
173 x 67 x 53 mm / 6.81 x 2.63 x 2.09 inch
Product Weight
Package Dimension
206 x 78.6 x 59.5mm/8.11 x 3.09 x 2.34inch
Package Weight
Package Contents
1 x Element T2 Plus Wireless Speaker
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Lanyard
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual


Sound is great but...

One star went for having black control buttons on this thing. Sure, it's sleek, but it would be nice to be able to see the controls. The power button is illuminated but nothing else is. Good sound though, that's for sure.


Very good speaker for the price

Have had this speaker for about a month and works very well. Battery life is adequate and I think I ran the speaker for about 8 hours before it needed recharging. Picked up my BT on my phone and have not had to redo it yet. Overall this speaker is worth the money. I do not play it at its full volume so not sure how long battery life would be and if that even would have an effect. Would purchase again.


Simple design, great built and amazing sound

I purchased this Bluetooth speaker, based on the many positive reviews attributed to it. I must say that I'm very pleased with the built quality. It really is amazing that such a low-cost speaker is so solid in its Construction. I also like the simple design, and the sound quality is amazing. I'm not sure how it will hold up in the rain or in a pool of water but based on its built quality, I have good reason to believe that it will. I am very happy with my purchase.


So fun & easy to use. Take anywhere with your fone.

Shopped a lot for one of these Bluetooth speakers. I picked out the Tronsmart for its heavy weight with everything super protected. I don't need Bose or JBL fancy name stuff. These are just as good and cost 3 to 4 times less. I use this speaker every day. A lot everyday. One big plus is the charging port is the new C-type. Goes with our fones. No need for any other cables hanging around. It is very loud if need be. Charges back up in a couple of hours. Plug up, go to lunch, bam....ready to hear some more. Had to get my wife one after she heard mine. They hook up to my fone in 5 seconds. The on tone is 3 notes goin up, off tone is 3 notes going down. Can answer calls during viewing, automatically puts you vid on pause. Get dun talkin, hang up, back to the movie. So fun & easy. Oh....and got a third one for our granddaughter to use in the shower. They are waterproof. Beware....Will cause long showers.


PACKS A PUNCH, in sound and weight! Read on...

This thing could double as a club if needed for personal defense. It's much heavier duty than I had anticipated for the price! Seems very well built and this thing is solid.
The sound is what you would expect from the portable speakers. It's not going to be the most crisp highs or smoothest mids out of a recording studio, but it sounds just fine for shower, pool, or just around the house while you're cleaning. Bass is more than acceptable for this size speaker.
I attached the provided shoestring so it can hang virtually anywhere.
Overall if you're looking for something that is portable, LOUD, and waterproof, this would be tough to beat. The sleek look is a bonus as it doesn't look overly flashy sitting on a countertop somewhere.


Works great!

This is a great compact little speaker. The sound is loud and clear. I used this in the shower and was very waterproof.


Pretty good sound, Great Value

Great speaker, for the price it is an amazing speaker, I know speakers that have been around the same price that aren't half as good. The value is great! Sound quality is 4/5 because the amount of base you hear is dependent on where the speaker is facing. The speaker gets pretty loud and works well outdoors and in a group of people. Also the fact that it is waterproof is a great feature! I also like how it has the Aux option and the USB-C charging cable worked well and charged it fairly fast. Overall great speaker for the price!


AWESOME sound!

I am so impressed with the sound this little speaker produces! I used it last night in the shower and it went well! I also tested a full immersion in my sink and the sound was still producing loudly with no distortion! I am excited to take this bad boy out on the lake this summer and to the pool side! Great buy for such a low price!


Great battery life, easy to connect, perfect for the beach or an

I brought this speaker to the lake on a weekend boat trip. The sound quality is exceptional, the Bluetooth range is great as well. The battery life is pretty good, it lasted a while on high volume. Water-resistance is true to what is advertised. It comes equipped with an aux cable, hanging strap. The SD card reader is also a bonus. This speaker connected to my devices flawlessly. Other speakers I had experience with took a while and sometimes did not even connect.


Small but worthy

This is a good speaker to have if you're just looking for something generic to listen to podcasts, music, or whatever else on. It's not boomy in comparison to some others in the higher price range, so it doesn't have that mini subwoofer effect, but it does provide a nice clear sound from both sides of the speaker. I've used in my backyard and even put it up to full volume without noticing any abnormalities.
It has a clip of sorts so you can hang it using a string somewhere if needed. I'd say it's a good speaker if you're just looking for something to have. If you require bass or a more boomy effect, look into their higher range speakers.


Great speaker!

Music sounds excellent coming out of this speaker. I hear things I never noticed before, and the bass is also pretty decent for its size. Some other Bluetooth speakers I've had have pretty short allowance between the speaker and its source of sound, but I've left the speaker in one corner of my house and traveled to the other end, upstairs, and outside, and it never disconnected or skipped. The bottom also has rubber pads so it stays put (if that's a problem you have). The only thing I have to say is that it's not exactly a small little thing, so it's not ideal for travel, but it's also not so large that it'll make you want to leave it at home either. Overall a really good speaker!


Great sound for a great price!!

I love this speaker!! I refuse to pay insane amounts for speakers, so when I can find one that does the same as one three times the price, it’s awesome!! It paired really easily and the sound comes from both sides of the speaker, not just one side. It has a little clip that can be used to hang it if needed and the charging port has a cover that goes securely in place when not being used. It is just a great sound and very sturdy. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. Love it!


Powerful and compact

Very powerful especially for its size. I can leave the room and still hear it loudly. Everything comes out clear. Great quality and very generously priced.


Strong Mids

Made well connects with no fuss. The sound quality is pretty similar to others in this price range. These have more of a prominent midrange. There is no booming bass. The bass provides a full body sound a lower level thump, not a deep boom. It could be crisper but the mids are the strong point. Great for podcasts and very little latency even paired TWS watching videos. Battery life and charge is average for speakers in this class. It's a good speaker but nothing special.


Great, convenient product! love it so much

These Bluetooth speakers are great. They are such a great portable size so I bring it with me to the beach and even my car sometimes when my car radio isn't working. The battery life on this is amazing!!! I use it for long periods of time and I don't even need to recharge it throughout the day. I usually charge it overnight and then the battery lasts me for 2 days (using the device on and off). I also really love the sound quality. It reminds me of the JBL I use to have but it broke so this is such a great and cheaper alternative.


Excellent speaker for streaming shows

I purchased this speaker for the times when I am streaming something from my phone or my iPad. It works great for that. It is so much nicer than just using the speaker on my devices. This speaker is perfect for what I need. The speaker feels like a quality product. My son used it to listen to his music ... which of course is louder than when I use it for streaming ... when he turned up the volume to where he normally likes his music, the sound quality wasn't as great - it was a little 'muddy'. This is why I gave it a 4 star.


No reason to spend more!

This speaker is awesome! We wanted a speaker for outside. It's great! The sound is clear, even when the volume is high. It is portable and works seamlessly with the Bluetooth. It lasts long too without having to immediately having to plug it in. It seems durable and being that it is waterproof, I feel a little more safeguarded when my kiddos are playing at their water table and it's nearby. There is no need to pay for a more expensive speaker. I am super happy about this one!


It’s heavy

I really like the sound, it gets super loud compared to my old waterproof speaker. The only downside is how heavy it is. I’m gonna be taking this kayaking and I worry it’s not practical. But still happy with it for other activities.


Small But Powerful!

Works great! This USB/Bluetooth Speaker really helps the sound on my work laptop. I edit news clips for the school weekly news and the speakers on the laptop are terrible, This small but has a mighty sound speaker is the bomb! Highly suggest it!


Great for laptops

Having used a desktop for years, I recently realized that laptops are much more fun. Desktops are big, heavy, cumbersome. Laptops are light and like a good friend, they can accompany you anywhere. It is so refreshing to not be tied to a desk, to take my computer to meetings, to a quiet spot in a cafe, or outside for some fresh air.
What does any of this have to do with Tronsmart's Bluetooth speaker?
One of the downsides to a laptop is sound quality. The slim case doesn't have much room to produce the full, rich sound of a premium speaker. With Tronsmart, I overcome this weakness.
The Tronsmart comes at a great price, with a solid warranty, and the output is vibrant and powerful. My test songs were Bach's Cello Suites (Pablo Casals), Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Il Giardino Armonico), and Priesner's Marionettes (from La Double Vie de Veronique). The Tronsmart is not a super-premium speaker, but at this price level the volume, clarity, and quality are much more than I hoped for. You can really crank the volume and retain a crisp, clear sound if needed.
A fun extra is the voice assistant button. I can now push a button on the speaker and ask my computer questions like "what time is it?" or "what's the weather?" So this is not only a great speaker, it makes my laptop more interactive.
Overall, the Tronsmart's quality, portability, value, and bonus features make it a smart purchase. My little laptop no longer has a weak sound.

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Element T2 Plus Portable Outdoor Speaker

  • Deep Bass.
  • Stereo Pairing.
  • NFC Streaming.
  • Portable Lanyard.
  • Type-C Charging.

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