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Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

14 Reviews 

With 16.8 million RGB colors, micro-textured surface, optimal ergonomic design and Tronsmart Radiant Software, Shine X is the perfect mouse pad to bring new light to your battlefield. 


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Shine X RGB Mouse Pad - Bringing new light to the battlefield.

Brilliant RGB Illumination

Personalize your lighting with 16.8 million colors for dynamic and vibrant light effects.

Optimized for Gaming Mice

Micro-textured surface with optimal coating ensures speedy tracking and unprecedented accuracy, providing ultimate playing experience in any game genre.

Intuitive Touch Sensor

Touch to switch up to 9 inbuilt backlit modes for dynamic lighting effects.

Customizable Controls

Included driver and 8MB flash memory let you personalized the lighting effects and store them while switching between computers.

Optimal Buckle Design

Prevents from entangling cords of your mouse. 4 anti-skid rubber stickers keep the pad securely in place.

Ergonomic Design

Allows seamless movements for your mouse.

Tronsmart Radiant Ecosystem

Synchronize all of your other Tronsmart Radiant supported devices to deliver more visually stunning colors and effects. 

You can download the software here >> Tronsmart Radiant

Shine X
Product Dimension
355 x 255 x 4mm/13.97 x 10.03 x 0.15in
Product Weight
850g/29.98 oz
Package Contents
1 x Shine X RGB gaming mouse pad, 1 x User manual, 1 x Warranty card


Tronsmart Shine X Gaming Mouse Pad

I was a bit sceptical at the beginning because the manufacturer said nothing to me. However, I was not disappointed. I have to say honestly; I love the mousepad and I do not want to miss it anymore. The surface is excellent and the mouse slips smoothly back and forth. Previously always had different fabric or hardcover mats from Roccat or War other brand manufacturers. The difference here, on the other hand, is a real milestone for me. In addition, a beautiful RGB lighting that shines discreetly in the background!
For me one of the best Mousepads of the last years.


Touch gaming

I bought it to give a touch of color to my pc setup, the truth is that I chose this for the price, since the similar options of other RGB brands were more expensive.
The mats are very well presented and the quality of it is good, it is rigid but very finite, and the USB cable is twisted and is quite thin.
The operation is simple, it has a tactile button to change the colors that look quite clear. Also mention that the mouse slides very well, the surface is very smooth. I recommend it.


Awesome, materials and use

A luxury for any PC Gamer, I had already bought the Rainbow keyboard and mouse since apart from gamer I use the PC a lot at night, which prevents me from having lights on or staying blind looking at the keyboard, and the truth is that the mouse pad it's a great thing, it's great, it's made of very good materials, the lights are a luxury, a touch button on the same mat to modify the color ... Come on, enjoy like a kid ... Come on, I bought the helmets from the Same brand because the material is amazing.


As a replacement

I previously had a similar mouse pad with RGB lighting and the parts are doing really well on a gaming PC with RGB mouse, RGB desk lighting and so on. The positive thing about these hard surfaces is that the hand does not sweat in the summer and does not lie on the cold desk in winter. The mouse slides on this surface back and forth as if it were lying on butter. Completely satisfied. What I would like, however, is the possibility that the RGB go out when the PC is turned off and on again when it is turned on. And not in any colour, but in the previously set colour. It should also be possible by software that the RGB lighting can ONLY be switched on / off and the colours can be switched over via the software. You always come to this stupid-placed sensor that changes the colour every time you touch it.


just awesome

I'm really more than enthusiastic about this mousepad, it's all around and the lighting can be changed by simply tapping on the area in the middle (very well marked) in different modes and colors.
The mouse pad itself makes a really high-quality impression, the only thing I think is a pity is that at the top of the middle end in the increase which the cable for the mouse something leads no other USB port is to connect the mouse there, but that is, in my opinion, a luxury problem and for the price it would be too good to have everything


Play game until late at night

I already have an RGB mouse as well as a keyboard. I've heard of the RGB Mouse Pads that could fit well in my collection. Unfortunately, the competitors' mouse pads were either too expensive or the reviews were not good enough. Also, I'm someone who prefers to put the mouse directly on the table rather than a "cloth" MousePad. The Mouse Pad by Tronsmart is better. It not only has a hard-plastic coating but is also RGB. The whole works via Plug & Play, just click and it starts. The colours can be changed by touch. I'm completely satisfied with the quality as well as the functionality, that's why I give it 5 stars.


Good mouse pad

The mouse pad was delivered quickly and arrived undamaged at my home.
There is a driver available, but you do not need it. On the mouse pad is a touch button with which you can switch between different modes. The mouse pad has a hardcover coating on which the mouse glides much better than on an ordinary mouse pad.
Something stupid is that if you only lightly on the button, he directly switches a color. But the colors are really great for that. The mouse pad is really a highlight.


Highlight on the desk

I was looking for a mouse pad.
First thought of a very simple and then I became aware of this product by chance.
I am very stunned.
The mouse glides over it really well, the size is perfect for me, I do not always have to settle and reposition the mouse but can just push it completely relaxed over the pad.
The highlight is, of course, the really cool LED light over the mouse pad around.
This looks really damn good and due to the different possibilities; it should be a color combination for everyone.
I am really excited and would recommend this product to anyone.
Price-performance is really great.


Perfect surface

I especially like the surface. Very smooth the mouse can be moved quickly and precisely on it. Contact conversation is very pleasant. The lighting is also excellent, but a stern deduction because you cannot adjust the lighting.


Cool mousepad!

The mouse pad is fixed and above average size (gaming mouse pad hold). The surface for gliding is very well made. No scratches or similar. My Roccat Savu slides wonderfully over it and the LED sensor works perfectly on it. The program for the lighting is in German but unfortunately not translated very well. But that does not matter because it is completely understandable. (Colors look the same in every language: D)
I am satisfied and think about buying another for my cousin!


Gaming Mouse Pad

I had to refresh my mouse pad and started searching for "player mats". I got a lot of attention because it was made of fabric and RGB lighting and the price was much lower than other alternatives.
The glide of the mouse is perfect, but also gives me absolute control over the movement, as it is not a hard surface. The lighting gives it a spectacular appearance. For this, we only need to connect them to a USB port from our computer.
I really liked the product. For the price, it is of very good quality, both for the finish and for the functioning of the lighting and the surface of the mouse itself.
I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a rug of this type and is undecided.


Very nice mouse pad, quality is comparable to other brands

The RGB lighting, package size and the quality of the board are very good.
To the plate: In the pictures or in the attached video with zoom you can clearly see the "hard" plate, which works very well with laser mice. My mouse has no problems with it.
RGB lighting: By program, you can adjust the RGB lighting, but simply Plug & Play or Plug & Forget goes of course.
The scope of delivery: The package arrived very stylish and was also very well protected by polystyrene. Some manufacturers sometimes do not care about the most important thing about the product: the delivery itself!
Shipping was also very fast and the price (compared to 50-70 € products) is also great.


Looks great

Great for gaming with smooth mouse movement and looks great with different modes at fingertips. Very happy with the purchase.


Ultimate gaming mouse mat

I bought this for my son. He's 11 and into his pc gaming. He Loves It! The mat lights up in different colours and patterns and my son assured me that the texture of the mat means he can move quicker and more accurately.
If you're a kid and into your gaming, you'll love it!

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Shine X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

With 16.8 million RGB colors, micro-textured surface, optimal ergonomic design and Tronsmart Radiant Software, Shine X is the perfect mouse pad to bring new light to your battlefield. 

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