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Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Element T6 Portable Outdoor Speaker

73 Reviews 
  • 360° Surround Sound.
  • Enhanced Bass.
  • Intuitive Volume Control Wheel.
  • Cylindrical Fabric Cloth.

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Color : Black

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360° Surround Sound
Powerful bass for a room-filling experience.
"Amazon's top rated speaker is the Tronsmart T6, which has better ratings even than the Amazon Echo Dot."
"One of the Best BT Speaker 2019: The Tronsmart Element T6 is a handy, camping-friendly Wireless speaker with 360-degree sound."
The Best-rated BT Speakers on Amazon
15 Hours of Playtime
Whole day worth of music on a single charge.
Up to 15 hours of playtime on a 60% volume.
7 – 10 hours of playtime at max volume.
Intuitive Volume Control Wheel
Control the volume with a simple rotating mechanism.
A Powerful 25W Audio Driver
Provides louder output with extra bass.
Give Your Party an Extra Boost
An extremely portable and a perfect companion for your outdoor gatherings.

BT 4.1
Equipped BT 4.1 for optimal connection
with all of your devices.
Leave Your Phone Alone
A built-in microphone allows you take handsfree calls.
Non-BT Device
Built-in 3.5mm AUX jack provides an alternative for
non-BT enabled audio devices.
Output Power (Watts)1
Wireless Version
Wirless Range
Music Playtime (Hrs)3
Battery Capacity (mAh)4
True Wireless Stereo
Voice Assistant Function
3.5mm Audio
Charging Port
Other Features
360° Sound with Deep Bass
BT / Aux-in
Up to 15 Hrs
2 x 2600
Micro USB
Rotating Control Wheel
T6 Mini
360° Sound with Deep Bass
BT / Aux-in
Up to 24 Hrs
TF Card
T6 Plus
40W Max.
Deeper Bass
SoundPulse™ Technology 2
BT / Aux-in
Up to 15 Hrs
2 x 3300
Rotating Control Wheel, USB Charge out, TF Card
T6 Plus
Upgraded Edition
40W Max.
360° Sound with Deep Bass
SoundPulse™ Technology 2
/ Aux-in
Up to 15 Hrs
2 x 3300
Rotating Control Wheel, USB Charge out, TF Card
T6 Max
60W Max.
360° Sound with Deep Bass
SoundPulse™ Technology 2
10m / 33ft
/ Aux-in
Up to 20 Hrs
USB-C, DC Port
Touch Control
1. The output power (watts) listed is peak power.
2. SoundPulse technology is Tronsmart patented audio technology. You can check the detailed information by visiting the link here:
3. Test based on 50% volume level. Actual playing time will vary with different music genres, volume, environment conditions and more.
4. Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles.
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Element T6
Black, Red
Wireless Version
Wireless Range
10m / 33ft (Open Area)
Input Power
5V/2A via Type-C Port
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)
10-15 Hours
Charging Time
3-4 Hours
Frequency Range
60Hz - 20kHz
Playing Modes
Other Features
Stereo Pairing
Volume Wheel
Product Dimension
75 x 193mm/2.95 x 7.6in
Product Weight
Package Dimension
119 x 219 x 80mm/4.69 x 8.62 x 3.15inch
Package Weight
Package Contents
1 x Element T6 Outdoor Speaker
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x User Manual


One of my best purchases

Can't recommend it enough. I've used it everyday for the last 3 years, and the battery is still impressive. Sound quality is surreal. Only shortcoming is you can't connect two of these to the same device.


Good Bass

It was my first tronsmart speaker, it has a very nice bass, it's a pity that it does not have a memory card slot, but the sound quality compensates for everything. Considering such a nice loudspeaker, I bought a new version of element force without hesitation. I recommend all audio products of this company.



Caixa de som bonita, bem construída, com excelente qualidade e volume de som, ótimo custo benefício. Recomendo o produto...


Great product !

Great sound, great materials, everything is great ! I love'it


Premium product at budget pricing

Honestly didn't expect much out of this thing. But the sound and bass actually come out in a big way. But by far my greatest surprise was the quality of the build. It's a premium product at a budget price.


Party maker

I cannot rave enough about this speaker! It’s amazing! It’s so easy to use and set up! We used it outside during our son’s birthday and it lasted the entire party and the volume is great! I definitely recommend buying this and I can’t wait for Christmas to play Christmas music!


Great little wireless speaker!

Just received it yesterday and listened to music with it this morning! I had to google how to use it with my iPad but other than that I enjoy the sound!



Amazing! This product has blown my mind! It is beyond what I thought it would be! The volume is CRAZY! The audio sounds crystal clear and it is built very nicely. It is a bit heavy but definitely fits nicely inside a backpack. It is great to travel with.


Everything about it is top notch

Probably one of the best speakers I have at the moment. It is comparable to the ones that run for hundreds of dollars. The bass is amazing for the size and speakers are loud and crisp. Connects instantly when turned on and looks cool with the blue ring. The packaging was also spot on and looked great.


Tiny speaker HUGE sound

It can be hit and miss with Bluetooth speakers. This one is definitely a HIT! I was pleasantly surprised by the sound this little speaker puts out. I have been jamming out in my kitchen to all my favorite songs thanks to this little speaker. I charged it when I got it and 4 days later it is still going strong on the same charge. Easy to use and easy to connect.


Great sound, small size

I LOVE this speaker!!! It puts out great sound for the size and great bass as well. My favorite part is the sound is controlled by a swivel top that lights up. If you’re looking for an affordable but great sound, this is it.


360 sound is awesome all around

Very unique sounds, straight out of the Amazon box I found a nice white box with magnetic box opening and is displays the speaker very nicely and the speakers touch feels high quality but the test was the sound, I’ve had many speakers and this one is going into a raffle but I had to test it to see if it works first obv and it’s very loud, little too loud lol. They packed a punch into this little speaker and I’m happy to say whoever wins this speaker will have some incredible bass. The 360 design of music going in every direction is much better than the boxed ones for the design covers every square foot with sound. Having an outside party and want some music but don’t want to go crazy on the price of a speaker, totally recommend this one.


Great sound

This speaker blew my mind. Is was very easy to set up and get started. As soon as I started playing music I noticed the high-quality sound. It also has a little extra bass which is nice for a loudspeaker. This speaker gets very loud. I took it outside and was still able to hear it perfectly from 25ft away. I really like how they put the volume button on this speaker; it is a ring that you turn to change the volume. There's one thing that kind of bothers me about this: it doesn't have a place for a carabiner. I have multiple other speakers which I can hang when on the go, but this one does not allow that. It was intended for leaving it on the table. Being a "portable speaker" I feel like it should include at least a buckle of some sort that allows you to use a carabiner. Overall it is a great speaker with great sound.


Money well spent

This Bluetooth speaker lives up to its product description and then some. The speaker was easy to pair to phone and computer and it paired quicker than some of my other Bluetooth electronics. The sound is quality and the bass is great, most either don't have enough or too much which causes distortion. The volume is adjusted with the swivel. I played it for several hours yesterday and this morning. The speaker actually played 15 hours before I had to it on charge. The speaker is rugged and you don't have to worry about losing the pairing when going into other room or going outside. This is a great buy for the price.


Pretty awesome speaker for what it’s worth

This speaker has a lot of features that I am in love with. It is a loud speaker and I believe this is more than enough for a room. Connecting it to my mobile and iPad was very easy.
I really love this has 360 surround sound. The base is very good for the price you are paying. I love the base speaker at the bottom. It vibrates the place where you keep it and you can feel the base by touching the area. :)
The MOST AMAZING feature is a volume nob. You rotate the top part to increase and decrease the volume and I am in love with the tactile feedback it gives when I change the volume. For me rotating the nob was way more intuitive than pressing the button. Especially when that button is also used as the next/prev button.
The speaker looks very cool with the light effect. Blue when playing. Red when charging. Green when full charge.
Battery seems to be a strong point for this speaker as well. I was able to get a few days of charge no doubt.
Long story short - Highly recommend the speaker.


Great speaker for the value of money. Bass heavy.

1. Sounds is mostly full, a bit heavy on the bass.
2. Very nice design, quite compact.
3. Convenient volume wheel.
4. Connects to the phone super-fast.
1. The sound is missing some higher frequencies.
2. At higher volumes, speaker shakes.
3. I get about 2 hours of battery life at 80%.
What do I recommend this speaker? Absolutely! Considering the price and features, this is a good value for money.



Very impressed. My friend has a JBL which is twice the price of this speaker. Glad I bought this one. It has the same sound, same features, pretty much same look. Love the swivel sound adjustment. This speaker is so well-made high quality. It is not delicate, rugged., yet small enough to take everywhere. It took about 2 hours to charge and I have used it for approximately 7 hours and it is still working without recharging.


One of the best purchases I have made on Amazon!

This speaker is simply awesome! Especially at this price point- I have done my research in trying to find the best Bluetooth speaker without spending a fortune. This speaker is comparable to others that are 3-4 times the price. The sound quality is great and it is LOUD (if you want it to be) I have a couple of other cheaper speakers that I had been using while cleaning house or taking a shower, but they weren't loud enough. This one blows them away. And surprisingly even with the volume turned up the sound quality was still clear with no distortion. It also holds a charge well. In fact I often forget to charge it after using it and it still powers through for several hours. I am also impressed with the bass of this speaker- other wireless speakers I have used sound flat and aren't really good for listening to music. This one sounds like a real stereo. I have no complaints so far with this speaker- it was a great buy and I can't believe the sound that comes from a portable speaker!


New Color made me buy more

I could not resist buying this Red colored speaker when I saw it unexpectedly when browsing Tronsmart product few days ago. I already bought three of this, all black color, within months time. It's all working well, no issues, sounds are superb, well balanced overall. I can listen to this speaker with no ear fatigue and in fact, I haven't listened to my Stereo set up for a while now. All 4 of my Tronsmart BT speakers are performing as expected. I may see another color of this in the future, that's ok. I and my wife love this color very much.


Right out of the box it felt indestructible

I have owned several Bluetooth speakers, and this has by far been the best. The sound is clear and the bass has a kick to it. Very easy to connect to devices. It is built to last. Right out of the box it felt indestructible.


This is a great portable Bluetooth speaker

This is a great portable Bluetooth speaker, powerful 25watt. I can turn about halfway enough for the whole house. The sounds are clear the music is nice and smooth to listen. it has a solid base, 15 hrs of listening, that a very long hour of everything to do in the house, in the office, in the park. portable you can carry it everywhere and anywhere its light.


This wireless Bluetooth speakers is excellent.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is excellent. The size matches what I want. The sound is very clear. I love this Professional speaker.


Yes - I recommend the Tronsmart

Not as good as the PSYC Monic that I had to return with an intermittent fault - that was great and really solid though battery life was poor.
However, the Tronsmart is still very good value for the money - good sound (unless turned up really loud) and seems to be well made.
The battery is lasting very well at the moment and it paired easily with my laptop.


The bass for your buck

This affordable speaker is anything but cheap. It is the perfect amount of treble and bass and it honestly has not died on me yet while using it thanks to the amazing 15 hours battery I've only charged it once and I'm very surprised! Highly recommend it!!!


Good for rock music

-The sound quality is enough for me, especially the bass, good for rock music;
-The Bluetooth connection is fast;
-The battery is enough for my weekly use, I just use it at night, the instruction says it can be used up to 15 hrs;
-It has a microphone which I did not see in other famous wireless speakers;
-If you are not a fan of the famous brand, you can go for this one for the similar sound quality but much cheaper price.


Plenty loud, fits in cup holder

I am very impressed with this speaker. My 2009 car won’t let me listen to audio books from my phone. This speaker paired flawlessly with the phone and was loud enough to easily hear even at highway speeds. I pressive since my car isn’t very quiet. It sits in the cup holder and looks like a drink cup to casual observers.


Plenty of base - and I mean plenty.

It's a great speaker - plenty of base. Easy to use as well, I currently use it as my phone and PC speaker and switching between Bluetooth and aux is easy. The power on/off noise is not loud and obnoxious as from my experience with other Bluetooth speakers. The top ring light is also beautifully weighted so that it’s not too bright or too dim. It changes to red when it needs charging, and during charging it turns to green. During normal wireless operation it is blue. I like the volume ring, although as others point out it doesn't synch with the phone volume but I prefer it that way. Its downside is pretty much its strength - the base on the speaker overpowers the mids and highs so it doesn't produce the best audio fidelity in that department. However, it doesn't really bother me that much as I use this mostly for background music/louge beats/and any other songs that don't have anybody singing. For the price though, it is a steal, and I bet this would be perfect for the next house party.


The bass on this device isn't the sub like in your car

The bass on this device isn't the sub like in your car, but it sounds pretty good, but being an ex-audio engineer there are frequencies missing, but that probably won't bother the average person, one of the coolest things about it is when there is a lot of bass, it wobbles which is really cool and funny! And the Bluetooth is amazing with it, my phone was at least 25'-30' away and it worked great, really having fun with it!


Good price, fantastic choice for in home usage.

Excellent stereo experience. Loud and balanced sound with a cool design. Loud enough to fill a large room. Easy volume control by a spinner on the top. Either connect through Bluetooth or AUX mode (the way you connect a common earphone). Good price! Will certainly recommend it to my friends.


you don't need to spend big money for good sound

I can summarize by saying this is a very impressive portable speaker. Although it's not 100% perfect, you'll not be disappointed and can buy with confidence. It's a great product for the money.
As others have stated, the bass response is strong for such a small speaker, actually too strong for me personally and when pushed to almost max volume, the unit seems to struggle a little with the low-frequency responses. You'll find what seems to be clipping creeping in, slightly distorting the quality of the bass. What isn't clear to me, is if this is a failure of the driver not being able to cope or simply that the housing of the speaker is resonating and causing the effect. In some circumstances, I've actually found it is the desk or surrounding objects as the bass is that strong! But don't let this put you off. A simple EQ adjustment on your fav music player can help resolve the issue and even without adjustment, it is only noticeable on bass heavier tracks these louder volumes. Other than this, overall output in terms of volume and clarity is very impressive for the size and well exceeded my expectations.
I initially purchased this speaker simply to listen to music in the kitchen when cooking. But quickly found myself grabbing it to be used all over the house: bathrooms, garage, study, etc. If I were of a more youthful persuasion, I'd no doubt be carrying this speaker in the water bottle holder of my bike as well as it seems just the right size for the task and at this price, you wouldn't be too upset if it got damaged.
The battery seems to last a long time. I've not measured exactly, but it does feel close to the stated specification.
Phone conversations have been ok with only some callers complaining that I sounded unclear. This may not be the unit of course and there could be other causes. It is a useful feature none the less and I now find myself using it for hands-free calling quite regularly, even for work.
The build quality is also better than I expected, with high-quality rubber finishing off the top buttons and a soft yet sturdy feeling fabric speaker mesh adorning most of the shell. This is only let down by the slightly cheaper feeling rotating volume control. Though you'll likely set this to max and not touch it again, opting to use your Bluetooth device for volume control.
Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase and so, I think, most people will be. The proof is in the pudding and I find myself using this speaker quite a lot.
Although I'm no audiophile, I do know and can appreciate great sounding kit when I hear it. So, whilst this is certainly no Bose contender, it is a speaker that is very impressive for the price point.
If there were ever proof required that you don't need to spend big money for good sound, then this is it.


Good product !!

Sound quality, look, battery life, loved everything. It would be better if there some sort of handle to hold lift it. Now I can say I’m listening more songs.


Fantastic speaker

This speaker has really good sound. It looks fantastic. I am loving it.
You can connect it to your computer through wire and cell phone wirelessly. Really convenient and smart design.
It's heavy which means high quality of the product.
I am living in an apartment. This speaker is just for me.


Nice design & sound quality

The bottom of the speaker is designed to keep from sliding since it may slightly move if bass is too powerful, and now the bass is quite good without any shifting.
What's more, it is all fashion look and good sound quality. I would like to use it in my car instead of the car stereos, however, I would assume it to be a bit heavier to keep stable in the moving car.


Outstanding sound from a small speaker

Well I was on the fence a few days about this item I read the reviews. Then I just went ahead and bought it. Well all I can say is wow! For the price and the size, it’s a great sounding portable speaker! I will be using it in the cart when I play golf.


Love that bass

Love that bass! Hear no distortion or any cuts like some of reviews say. Sounds very nice and loud. It's really dancing speaker because of subwoofer in the bottom. Can't say definitely about battery life, but I think more than 10 hours. Great for the price. I would recommend.


Louder/Clearer than Bose SoundLink Color II, Amazon Tap, and Sou

This thing is awesome. Much cleaner, louder, and better bass than even the $130 Bose SoundLink Color II. Better sound than the SoundPeets speaker, and MUCH better than the Amazon Tap. I've tested out more than a handful of speakers, and this thing rocks. 25 watts.



Very acceptable performance for its price and size, recommended



Very acceptable performance for its price and size, recommended


Christmas present

A great speaker for a large lounge. Excellent sound and beautiful bass. Had a little bit of difficulty getting the charger cable to fit at the speaker port, other than that very happy with my purchase.


Very nice speaker, teenager approves

Bought this for my 15-year-old son. Wanted something that fits inside of the side pouch of a backpack too. This fit the bill.
Very loud and good 360-degree sound. Not heavy in anyway. Kid uses it for high school football practice, hanging outside with friends and in the shower - he has not had 1 complaint so far (which means it’s kid approved lol).
Good price and very well built.


Very satisfying

Bought this after reviewing other portable speakers and I can tell I made the best choice. Sound coming from this speaker is soothing, balance, not shrill, compared to others that gives listening fatigue. Couple this with a nice sounding unbelievable bass make this a perfect buy for me. I notice that if I start listening to this speaker that I could not turn it off. Speaker placement does not seem to affect its sound of the bass. My son was impressed when he listens to it today. My best choice of its kind.


Good sound for perhaps five years

Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart 25W. Reassuringly solid. Good quality sound. Takes little desktop space as it's mostly vertical. Controls are fine. It seems the current Bluetooth device must release it before another can log on. Vocals very clear. The only downside is no replaceable batteries so thousands of these will end up in landfill in five years’ time when the batteries fail.


This is a really great speaker.

This is a really great speaker. It has a really cool design and look to it. It is lightweight and easy to take around with you. The sound quality is really good, especially the bass. Overall this was a really great deal because I got a high quality speaker for a good price.


Pleasantly Surprised

I bought this speaker to replace a Bluetooth speaker of a different brand that died. For its purpose, this is perhaps one of the best sounding speakers I have heard. It produces a rich full sound. I listen to a variety of music from Viking Metal to “Yacht Rock” it all sounds pretty good. Again, for its purpose, it is a good quality and good sounding speaker. If you expect a Sony THX experience from a small device like this then I would say your expectations are a bit unrealistic. For in the garage, outside doing yard work, or cooking in the kitchen this speaker fits the bill.


Very good value for money

Overall very good product. Nice bass sound and very loud. 2 downsides are when playing at full power the speaker will move away and potentially fall from a table and when played at minimum level the sound is not very crisp as the bass baffles the high frequency sounds. Even so it is definitely worthy.


High Fidelity it's not.

But considering its size and price it sounds pretty good! Very easy to set up. I had it going within 5 minutes of opening the box. A charger would have been nice but I probably have a dozen lying around.


BOOOOOOOM!!!! great sound from this Speaker.

Boom!!! what a great speaker. stands about 8" tall and has some great sound. The bass is great and the highs are high. Great and easy controls. The silver ring at the top is a rotating volume knob. and everything else is a push button. There is a covered aux and charging port along the side. This thing is great. Keeps it secure while I’m traveling. Great combination. Pick it up if you want a great portable speaker with Great sound.


Tronsmart 25 Surpasses Expectations

After looking at what seemed like hundreds of different wireless speakers online, my best guess was this, the Tronsmart Element T6. I was not disappointed. The product and packaging are well thought out, both in design and execution. Let's take a look.
The package itself is one of those designer gift box things like you'd get with a better department store product. It opens from the side, held in place with embedded magnetic fasteners, letting you feel like you're opening a techno baby's hatch cell for the first time. There sits our speaker, lightly protected by a Styrofoam insert. A nifty separate paperboard folder holds our extras - two cables and printed instructions. Please Note: the unit does not come with its own charger (thank God) but since I bought it to go with my tablet, I've got one already. It DOES include the totally necessary micro-USB to USB cable, and a short stereo to stereo 1/4 connector.
Pull the unit out of the box, and you can tell right away, this thing is not the product of cheap manufacturing. It FEELS and LOOKS well made. It also could pass for one of those personal thermos containers at first look. Let's charge it up. The fitted port cover for the USB and audio connectors is nearly seamless, fits well. I think the unit charged in about 2 hours. For the output we'll get out of it, it's amazing. My Android tablet recognized the unit immediately and there were no problems with having to search the internet for a driver, dongle, hack or secret code.
The cool LED light circling the control reticule on the top of the unit says we're ready to go. The controls are simple, and show again that I feel I can trust this unit. The buttons click a solid click when you push them. You feel like there is a Grade A circuit board mounted underneath, that will hold up to some serious constant use over a period of years. The circular volume control, orbits around the top of the "can" and clicks softly for stops. Again, it FEELS like it will hold up, and is an integral part of the unit.
Ok, boom, pull up your tunes! Again, well thought out design here, as the speaker set really does provide 360 sound. Set the unit on a table or shelf, the bass speaker mounted in the bottom provides some reverberation (but if you're a thump-head, go buy a sub-woofer anyway.) Set the unit on its side, you don't lose much bass. I ran through samples of my playlists, going from Blue Oyster Cult to Mozart to jazz to Chicago blues. Close to awesome on all counts, maybe could use a little equalization in places? Hey! Android comes with Dolby Atmos, a fabulous audio App that gives you instant EQ and more. The sound out of the Tronsmart responded WELL to tweaks, smoothing out sound where I wanted it.
The long run? I've had this speaker for 2 weeks. Tronsmart claims a 15-hour play time. If I blast Black Sabbath and heavy opera all day long, it's certainly less, maybe even more like 8 or 9 hours. But I've also gone through days where I turned it way down and just used it for distant background music. The tablet runs out of charge before the speaker does. So in conclusion, I'm seriously happy with how this thing works, and feel that, for the whopping $45 I spent on it, it's one of the best audio products I've ever purchased. Nice work, Tronsmart!


My last BT Portable speaker because I like it

Love this little water bottle size Bluetooth speaker. Use it to watch movies and the effects come out quite impressive. Quite loud with reasonable bass and quite portable. Much more portable than JBL Xtreme and sounds better than Taotronics TT-SK06. Much more affordable than some brand names. So far my favorite portable speaker among 4 others. This is going to be my last BT portable speaker.


Perfect for a college student or to play music on laptop

VERY loud for 25 watts and decent bass. it gets a little distorted with the bass at loud volume. Perfect for a college student or to play music on a laptop with small space. If you like really low bass songs it may not pick up all the bass notes. If you like great for R&B country, Christian, Classical and some hip-hop. electronica and EDM with heavy bass are pretty good but not as full. I would buy again.


360 sound great - great for a centralized location. LOUD volume

Great sounding speaker - really love the controls. The top spins for volume control which is an easy way to control. One stands out feature is the speakers all face outward so you don't have to face the speaker in one direction like most Bluetooth speakers. This would make this a good "cooler speaker" - one you throw on top of a cooler or a table when camping or doing something outdoors.
It has a dedicated sub - the bass is OK. It won't blow you away like larger speakers, but it was sufficient for my usage. Another thing I really like - 3.5mm hookup! A lot of speakers miss out on this so you have to use Bluetooth - I like being able to plug in something like an iPod (yes, they still exist) or not deal with pairing another phone.
The speaker is surprisingly heavy - which is a good thing for speakers. Volume gets LOUD. Speaker grill on the outside is tough - the speaker feels very sturdy. Like another Tronsmart speaker I have, this has the grippy bottom which makes it stand up good.


Awesome!! Better than expected. Very surprised!!!

Totally love this speaker. It is an incredible sound. I have a lot of Bluetooth speakers and for its size and price range. But this one is among the best I've heard. This speaker is absolutely amazing, very great bass!!
I can also just turn the knob for volume control. The 360-degree design makes a big difference. It is a much lower price than comparable Bluetooth speakers. If you want a speaker with deep bass at a very reasonable price, you can't go wrong!


Amazing 360 degrees sound surrounding

This is my first Bluetooth speaker I would said perfect for people who love to have a speaker on their hand or easy to carry. It was the size of Walter bottle and the amazing 360 degrees sound surrounding. Perfect for outdoor and indoor. Plus they have 15 hours battery.


Great little speaker

Great little speaker, for size has a nice punch of base, use in workplace, (large factory) but still holds its own in volume, and for price you can't go wrong, lots of interest from fellow workers in looks and sound, only marked down one star due to it moves with vibration from base on full wack! So be careful where you put it.


Get ready....

This has got to be one of the BEST Bluetooth speakers I've heard at this price point! PERIOD! Battery life is great and the size factor is perfect for a small/medium size room. Buttons are all well placed. Bass sounds PHENOMENAL for such a small speaker!


Pretty good speaker

Sounds good, to a limit. If you either have the volume too high, or there is too much bass, the speaker can't handle it. If you keep the volume at a moderate level, it does a good job balancing the deeps and the highs.


All About the Bass

Amazing bass! When the volume is Max there is a very low indistinct hiss sound that is masked by the high-quality bass. It is well built. I would have given it a five star if not for the faint hiss sound during max volume. By far this is the best speaker I have purchased for its price point. I am looking forward to a new model that will fix the minor defect in the future.


Excellent quality and sound

Excellent quality and sound. I purchased this speaker and a Bluetooth transmitter for a Christmas present, and they loved it so much. I was so impressed when I listened to it that I purchased one for myself. It sounds better than my soundbar, and I love the Mobility and ease of use. I am buying another one for the bedroom!


Crank Up The Volume

I absolutely love this speaker. The sound quality is excellent and doesn’t distort when I turn it up really loud. The bass is also pretty good for a Bluetooth speaker. The bass speaker is on the bottom, so if you have it up too loud, it’ll rattle a tiny bit on whatever surface. However, it’s not that noticeable and doesn’t ruin the sound quality. It’s very powerful, I’m incredibly happy with it!


Ok small but with a big sound

3D sound very strong Bass small but big power sounds high and low frequencies be careful it may fall down the desk for vibrations if play to all the volume up speaker start walking also get some distortion


Great for travel

- compact, great for travel
- sounds good, fairly loud with decent bass (for its size) for a small to average size area
- good price


Supreme sound quality

Wow, I was astonished when first powered it on and connected to my phone. I never expected such a small thing to have such supreme sound quality. My first wireless speaker was a Lepow that dates back several years ago, and I was disappointed by the sound quality and seldom used it and never purchased another one again from then on, thinking that small things can’t produce good sound quality. But my opinion has been changed by this one. This speaker is compact in size (the size of a small water bottle), but it performs just like a big sound box. The sound is loud, the bass is strong and heavy, and I can feel my heart is beating with the music. It is time to have a party to beat my neighbor’s annoying bass that I have been hating for a long time : ) !!!


Great wee speaker for the price.

Pretty loud for indoor use but I'd got it to use for accompaniment at a beach wedding ceremony for which it was just a bit too quiet.
Sound quality is reasonable though at full volume the bass does get slightly rattly.
For the price paid it's a great wee speaker, just not surprisingly doesn't match up to the top of the range speakers like Bose which cost many times more.
If like me you're not a demanding audiophile, this speaker will serve very well around the house or in the garden.


Great speaker!!!

Fantastic speaker! Easy set up too. At 79 understanding ‘pairing’ etc. brings out all my fears. This was very simple to do, took seconds! Also, they are load. I turned up the volume on my radio station, then the speakers were way loud. I’m using this out in my barn and I can hear my station in and outside the barn, I’m real nut about sound quality and this speaker is as good as it gets. Very good bass with treble mix, couldn’t ask for anything better!


Too much base

I received this speaker up earlier on in the week and have been playing various styles of music on it.
Out of the box, the speaker comes well presented with a micro usb cable and an aux cable. It certainly looks the part. Having all the controls on the top is great and the volume knob is very handy.
The reason for four stars is the base in this speaker is insane., way too much base.


Great buy!

I use this in my office. Connected easily with my iPod. I actually have to turn it down because it vibrates my desk. The quality of the sound is amazing!


Took out my UE BOOM

I love this speaker. I have a UE Boom and I thought it sound great. This blows the doors off it. The bass is awesome. I am going to order another one to keep in my office. It takes some minor adjustments but it’s well worth it. I paid 4 times this amount for my other speakers. Now if they could come out with a version that would pair 2 or more then they would have a killer speaker.


speaker volume amazing and battery life good

Delivery was quick, speaker volume amazing and battery life good. Would've given it 5 stars but it does not come with a plug, ONLY a usb cable which is a shame really.



I can't believe this sucker is soooo good. I tried a few big names at Best Buy and I wasn't impressed though I'm a Bose fan, then I took a chance with this one. The worst would have been to just repack it and send it back. Boy, was I wrong? This tiny thing is amazing and the 360 feature really works, no matter how many circles you make around it and try to find a dead spot. I hope the next iteration comes with a basic remote.


Excellent speaker, with a couple of minor flaws.

The T6 is really well made and easy to use. Slight hiss if you have the speaker volume set to max, but the phone volume set below this. However, I wouldn't recommend having it set to 100% anyway, as with most speakers you'd lose the sound quality.
It is very bass-orientated. Not an issue for me, as Spotify's Equaliser solves this by pushing towards more treble. But something to bear in mind if your source doesn't have this function.
As far as volume is concerned, it's clear and loud enough to fill a standard front room. You should consider where it's going to be placed if you're using it in the home though. With a sub at the bottom of the unit, there can be a lot of vibration across the surface so other objects could take away from the audio quality.
Overall though, really impressed! And a bargain when compared to JBL models. Not a lot to dislike. Comes in good packaging too!


Brilliant design and really good sound! Just a few minor flaws.

I've used a lot of different Bluetooth portable speakers over the years and I have to say I really like that this one is not only different than any I have tried but also sounds great! I'm talking on par with my old jambox by jawbone that finally bit the dust. For the price point (which I think is very reasonable) this little speaker is well made and puts out a great sound with substantial bass! Here are some things I really like about it:
SIZE/DESIGN: This is what makes this speaker very unique. I personally LOVE that it's designed for 360-degree sound and is about the size of a water bottle. That makes it very convenient for transporting in my backpack and car. I think it's great that it has no sharp edges and leaves a VERY small footprint on whatever surface it is being used/stored. You have the ability to make and receive calls through it and also an AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices which is great
SOUND: I was really impressed with the sound of this speaker. Videos of audio playing over speakers never do them justice but I've included one anyway. It's not a good reflection of the overall sound but you can definitely hear that the bass is more than adequate. It sounds bad on the video but in real life it's really quite nice. This isn't even close to full volume and it fills my large kitchen/dining room and can be easily heard from neighboring rooms as well.
EASY: The pairing process couldn't have been easier, and I love that there isn't some obnoxious voice that barely speaks English guiding you with annoying and barely understandable voice prompts. It's just a series of mild beeps and boops to indicate pairing and they aren't too loud like some. The controls are very easy to use and intuitive. I always appreciate it when I can plug and play without having to read a manual and that was definitely the case with this speaker.
QUALITY: This speaker feels really well made and durable which is what you want out of a portable speaker. The speaker mesh is not fabric that will easily rip or tear and it isn't metal that will dent and break. It's soft, yet rigid. I totally dig it. Nothing looks or feels cheap about this speaker.
There are only a few things I think could be better. First, while I really do like the space saving design, this speaker doesn't do well on a picnic blanket for instance, or grass, or any uneven/slanted surface. The base diameter is just too small to support it. Second, I wish there was an indicator on the volume control to show you where the volume is at any given time so you don't turn it on and suddenly blast yourself out. As is, you just have to guess or turn it on and find out. Third, while the omnidirectional sound is great for a lot of applications, sometimes you want a more direct sound, instead of having it spread out. For instances like that, a different design of speaker would be better suited.
The speaker came with enough charge to play with right out of the box and the battery life in general is very good! I can go a couple weeks without charging it with the kind of use I use it for. It also sounds great with audiobooks and podcasts. All in all I'm a big fan so far! I think the price is great for what you get (especially when you consider that this is 25W instead of the more typical 20W with speakers of this ilk). I can highly recommend!


At this price point its basically a steal!

This is one awesome Bluetooth speaker! This 25-watt speaker really lives up to all of that power because man does this thing get LOUD! The build quality is very good and everything about this product screams quality. It is also very durable. This really is a quality product for a bargain price. All of the controls are easy to use and very intuitive. But of course, you want to know about the sound quality. I honestly couldn't be happier with this speaker's sound quality. When you hear the music coming from this speaker you have to take a double take just to make sure its actually coming from this speaker. That's how good it is. The bass is very present but does not take away from the mids and highs. Everything comes across crystal clear but it also has that really nice low end and punchy bass. The battery life also lives up to the claim at around 15 hours. Bluetooth range is the standard 33ft even with a couple of walls in between.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this speaker and would completely recommend! At this price point its basically a steal!



This speaker is absolutely a monster! the bass, the sound quality. Perfect! also it feels nice and it is easy to use and connect

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Element T6 Portable Outdoor Speaker

  • 360° Surround Sound.
  • Enhanced Bass.
  • Intuitive Volume Control Wheel.
  • Cylindrical Fabric Cloth.

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