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Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker

Element Mega SoundPulse® Indoor Speaker

68 Reviews 
  • SoundPulse® Technology.
  • Powerful High-fidelity sound
  • Intuitive Touch Control.
  • True Wireless Stereo Pairing.
  • NFC Streaming.

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Powerful High-fidelity sound
28 core large subwoofer horn delivers louder output up to 40W.
"Transform your living room with low-cost technology"
Give Your Party an Extra Boost with SoundPulse™
SoundPulse™ technology delivers a 40W max output making the bass deeper, and vocals more define.
Learn More
Pitch Perfect Sound
3D digital sound integrated with DSP technology for pitch-perfect output in any setting of your living environment.
Intuitive Touch Panel with Gesture Control
Fully integrated lighting touch panel with unique slide-to-control volume mechanism.
BT 5.01
BT 5.0 offers the latest connectivity option for more stable connection & better range.
*Tap the button to activate the Voice Assistant.
Voice Assistant3
With a simple button tap, you can activate and talk to your device's Voice Assistant now from the speaker.
True Wireless Stereo
Connect two Mega speakers simultaneously with your paired device for a true stereo sound effect.
15 Hours of Playtime
Music lasts for up to 15 hours on a single charge.
Supports NFC
Connect and stream music easily with one-touch NFC technology.
All features introduced above are BT 5.0 updated version.
1. There are two versions of this product, which are the first edition with BT 4.2 and the updated version with BT 5.0.
2. The BT 5.0 updated version supports the pairing with another updated Element Force Outdoor Speaker for stereo sound. The first BT 4.2 edition does not support pairing with Element Force.
3. The BT 5.0 updated version adds Voice Assistant Activation function so that there is a voice assistant icon on the touch panel as well. The first BT 4.2 edition does not have this icon and feature.
4. The BT 5.0 updated version upgrades the charging port to a USB-C port. The first BT 4.2 edition is equipped with a Micro USB charging port.
Element Mega
Wireless Version
Wireless Range
30m/100ft(Open Area)
Input Power
5V/2A via Type-C Port
IP Rating
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)
Up to 15 Hours
Charging Time
4-5 Hours
Frequency Range
20Hz - 16kHz
Playing Modes
Micro SD/ TF Card
Other Features
Stereo Pairing
Product Dimension
193 x 58 x 80mm/7.59 x 2.28 x 3.14inch
Product Weight
Package Dimension
217 x 69x 125mm/8.54 x 2.72 x 4.92inch
Package Weight
Package Contents
1 x Tronsmart Mega Indoor Speaker
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x AUX Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


ELEMENT MEGA (From Myanmar)

I saw the ads from Facebook and I was interested in the item, I checked from the website, youtube which showed this will be good quality. I ordered and tested the item, I can tell it is amazing item, even the packing is a nice, wonderful sound quality. THANK YOU!!!!!


A great gift item!

A great little speaker! It holds a long charge and quite powerful little speaker. I bought it for my husband for our anniversary and he absolutely love it! So worth the money! I would totally recommend this item and with xmas around the corner this would be perfect a special person in your life!


Powerful and great portable Bluetooth

This speaker is very powerful and my best choice for outdoor. It is very easy to link with the device. I generally use Bluetooth but there are cords too. The sound quality and amplification is amazing. The touch on the top part are very handy and useful. The battery life is very good and it lasts long. This is amazing product.


Great Speaker, very good Value.

Love this speaker. It's simple to set up, with clear buttons and instructions. The sound is amazing, I can have the speaker in the kitchen and walk into the back bedroom and still hear it clearly. I am no tech expert, and it took me all of 20 seconds to turn on the power button, the Bluetooth light began blinking and to pair it with my iPhone. The sound is exceptional: surprisingly loud and clear for such a small speaker.


Loud, rich sound

This little speaker is wonderful! It was easy to connect and worked straight out of the box. There was a little distortion at first but that was due to the sound settings on my phone. Once I got those right, the speaker really blew me away. The sounds quality is good, nice and deep and the controls are easy to use. I definitely recommend!


Definitely Recommend

I love this speaker! The sound quality on it is great. It’s also really loud. I’ve had other Bluetooth speakers and none of them have sounded as loud as this one. The charge last quite a while. I probably charge it twice a week at the most.


Proven worth the price

Just love this - great sound when listening to music which truly surprised me.
At first, I thought it’d be super gimmicky—and maybe it still is—but we’re having a ton of fun with our Echo and two dots. It’s proven worth the price.


Great sound!

I got this product a couple of days ago, wanted something with the strong volume I can take with me to different places so I can listen to music together with other people.
The speaker comes with a beautiful box, great for storing and protecting the speaker when not in use.
I turned the speaker on, and pair it with my phone with no effort at all. (just checked in the phone, the speaker was there and connected with one click).
I played a couple of YouTube songs and files I have on my phone... I have to say... the sound is EXCELLENT!!! Much better than I thought for a small speaker. I used it already a couple of times... And the batter is still good. It seems it last a lot (I've played maybe 9 hours and have not re-charged it yet). I really like the sliding volume bar (nice little detail).
- Great Sound (Most important for me)
- Long battery life
- Easy to connect
- Nice intuitive controls
- Non so far.


Best Speaker

I was looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that I can carry everywhere and this is a perfect speaker I can say. Easy to connect, good sound and music come great out of this small speaker. What else you need?
I have a good audio setup at my home but I do not want to use those speakers all the time and I cannot carry them where ever I like. Another reason I have is I need a speaker that I can take to small parties (indoor and outdoor). I did my research and found these speakers. Fits my needs. Super cool looking, nice sound, do not compromise on the music quality and cheap. All that comes in this package.
Very beautiful looking speaker. Not many buttons on this. And they are touch sensitive. 360-degree music speaker. Easy to carry. I like this model. I already ordered another one. I recommend this to anybody looking for a simple speaker and cheap. You will not go wrong. I will update my review after a few days of usage. Stay tuned.


Value and performance

Wow, what a fantastic speaker the Tronsmast is, very well built, oozing class and as powerful as anyone could reasonably expect. This is the best thing that I have purchased on Amazon this year, stunning value with fantastic sound and huge battery life! Such good value, I ordered another.
5 stars all the way!!


Perfect for a picnic

Well built, solid and heavy for the size. It's pretty loud and is good for casual listening at a picnic/barbecue/beach party/kitchen/bedroom etc. For a Bluetooth speaker it does a lot for the price, anyone who pays a premium for a UE speaker should look at just how much value you can get from a speaker like this.
Just understand that this is not an 'audiophile' speaker and it's not going to replace a proper pair of speakers in your lounge.
The sound is tuned like 'Beats' headphones, very bass heavy and there is no way to adjust the equalizer settings on the speaker.


Excellent sound quality!

Loved the sound, very good bass. Brilliant Bluetooth speaker. Excellent quality, would definitely recommend.


Best sound for price, true value

I was surprised by the audio and bass quality on that. When you first switch it on it blows you away with the touch led panel on the top... I couldn't be happier. That's an excellent product


Love it

I am in love with this speaker it can go very loud without distorting and the bass is very strong and clear. Much better than my old JBL flip 2.


Absolutely amazing from the start

This product is absolutely outstanding. It came very well packaged. In a professional box with foam protection. Not even cheap foam the good stuff. Charger and aux input was included with the speaker. Extremely easy to set up. Simple as 123.. the sound quality is amazing. You cannot go wrong with purchasing this speaker. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small powerfully, loud, stylish ad professional speaker. 100% best speaker I have owned.


Five Stars

The sound quality of this speaker is great. Quality is exceptional, solid material, clear sound and good bass. Pairing with my iPhone was easy and quick. Take it everywhere and my friends are shocked with the sound quality. Great built and sound quality for the price point.


I love these speakers

I love these speakers. The sound is great. Very tiny. I use them in my kitchen all the time. I Bluetooth music from my iPhone to the speaker. One of my best ever purchases. Highly recommend this little cutie. Excellent value for money.


Very satisfied with this loudspeaker

Very satisfied with this loudspeaker, loud voice, crisp, clear, the battery continued to be good, Bluetooth connection is very convenient. Easy to carry, you can take it anywhere. This is a good product.


Very Impressed!

I connected it to all my Bluetooth devices and it did not fail. Brilliant sounds, powerful bass and well-distributed treble yet voice are stereo centered. Exceeded my expectations. I can recommend this easily. I just wish it goes with a remote to switch on and to adjust volume. Can't fault it. Spotify and this are now inseparable!


Deep quality bass just as I love it

Great sound quality for the price. I removed a star because I noticed that sound cuts off at times and the only reason I could think of is that it's probably due to distortion when the input sounds is so deep in bass. I wondered why this is so since the specs says it can handle deep base. No, this is not a water-resistant speaker.


great sound and lovely bass

Lovely design, contemporary style, great sound and lovely bass. I really like the way the volume is controlled by a simple touch on the top. Volume control with the touch panel is pretty good, it's very responsive. Buttons are very responsive as well. The sound is surprisingly good.


Best buy so far - gadget wise

Fantastic, brilliant sound and quality, highly recommend to buy. Well worth the money, handy little portable speaker, quick and easy connect.


Little boom box

Very impressed bass is good but can get distorted a bit depending on the surface the speaker is placed on easy to use and after first time pairing will automatically pair when Bluetooth enable. Great price great buy.



Fantastic speaker, very loud, heavy, solid, and feels well made. Sound quality is excellent with plenty of bass. Music sounds great from this speaker for such a small size. It really packs a punch. Bluetooth hooked up right away no problems. Nice led lighting on the top of the speaker and volume control is a touch slider which is a nice touch on a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth range is very far, no problems well away from the house out in the garden. The battery seems to run all day and overall this is a great speaker and the best I have ever had. If you’re not sure about buying this as I was going ahead as you won’t be disappointed. Well recommended. By the way it comes in the best presentation box I have ever seen. The company seem to take pride in their products.


It's a solid little speaker

Considering the price point this product is very good. The only thing I would criticize is the tactile volume control which either "over-reacts" or not at all sometimes so your best off just using volume control on your mobile device. Surprisingly balanced and quite powerful I have been using them in the kitchen and the odd outing to the park.


Tronsmart Elemnt Mega My Recommendation to Everyone!

I'm joining a friend who also uses Tronsmart Elemnt Mega as a digital piano monitor. So far I have used a 15w mono amplifier at small performances and I was not completely happy with the sound. And as I have a stronger stereo system for bigger performances, I know the stereo sound of the piano is much more impressive. That's why I've got this great loudspeaker. These 2x20w added with the existing 15w and got the crystal sound of the piano. Now I can add a layer of string sound and the whole sound image changes drastically. Excellent and secure bass, clear middle and high tones. Awesome, good! Tronsmart Elemnt Mega My Recommendation to Everyone!


Better with Two

An excellent speaker … but even better with two! Have now purchased a second Tronsmart Mega speaker and have them both connected up which creates a truly remarkable stereo sound. Highly recommended.


Work brilliantly and no trouble in pairing - practically paired

At last a decent Bluetooth speaker to go with my Echo Dot. Work brilliantly and no trouble in pairing - practically paired themselves.
Good sound, no distortion and good base for such a small device.
Given my Echo Dot a new dimension sound wise.
Recommend these speakers (there's two in the device) and has NFC for tapping your iPhone or any other device which supports it. What's not to like.


Fantastic speaker.

This is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I've ever heard. Lovely bass, clear rich sounds. Definitely buying a second one to pair up. Solidly made too looks nice.


It's a well made speaker the sound is great.

It's a well made speaker the sound is great. It automatically connects to my phone, the size is great, the design is really nice. Delivery was pretty fast.
I highly recommend it.


Sound is very good, plenty loud enough, rich bass, better than e

Just bought a Japanese import camper van where the ICE radio is quite old, different FM radio band width (only gets R2) and a PITA to put a new ICE in or FM band expander. So, happy to use Bluetooth from the phone but wanted something meaty and in stereo. Found these read about the True Wireless Stereo as not heard about it before saw the reviews and bought two.
It works brilliantly. Sound is very good, plenty loud enough, rich bass, better than expected all round. Very easy to pair the speakers to act in stereo and once done automatically connects slave and master when you switch them on. Can also be used for phone so very handy.


Tronsmart Mega 40w

Day 1: Got the speaker and unwrapped it, turned it on and NFC paired instantly.
Played old tunes via my own music collection and the bass sounded distorted, the unit seems uncontrolled.
Installed The app 'power amp' by ' maxmp, with mode set to bass & treble and was instantly sorted.
Installed Tunein app and searched for originguk (oldskool rave, jungle & drum and bass)
With the above apps, settings and vibes, the speaker sounds good with a tight bass and you can hear the lows and hights without one or the other loosing volume to compensate.
Sd card: plays everything perfect bass is controlled and sweet (Samsung 64gig 10 speed micro sd)
More than happy.


Tronsmart speaker

I bought two of these Tronsmart speakers as my partner pinched my Sony speaker because he liked it so much haha. These came well boxed, and with clear instructions. When it came to using them, they are easy to pair with my phone, although it takes a long time to connect, it was easy and pain free. The sound that comes out of one on it's own is amazing, loud, crisp clear sound that is well balanced. When pairing two together using TWS, the sound was just phenomenal! It filled out entire house with ease and annoyed the neighbours haha. The battery life is not the 15 hours stated by Tronsmart, I'd say I get 8-10 hours per charge, so not too bad. Overall these speakers are absolutely brilliant for the price paid. If you're having second thoughts, DON'T! Just buy one. You won't regret it.


I enjoy a good design and I enjoy solid clear bass

I enjoy a good design and I enjoy solid clear bass, since I am a bass player among others and a music appreciator. For the money it is great with good sound at normal to loud volumes and features you will need.
Only drawback with this unit is that at low volumes, it cuts in and out, so that at least with soft music, it is difficult to hear properly and enjoy. If you want normal to loud volumes, it is fine. I have used it in a large hall and it is fine.


Excellent Speaker.

Excellent Speaker. The sound from this small speaker is awesome and it is pretty loud for its size. Full rich bass, no distortion at high levels. It's very smooth slick looking. My friends are impressed and one even mentioned buying one for himself.


Almost 5 stars... almost.

One reviewer wrote "blown away" and I tend to agree. The unit isn't that big but the sound it puts out and the amount of bass is quite astonishing. This can be a room filler and it also supports TWS (True Wireless Stereo) which means when paired with another TWS capable speaker, it can be -- a stereo pair.
To be fair, the volume and bass output for the size is quite something. A star is knocked off because it lacks refined highs, allowing things to sound almost hollow. I believe the push for bass is at the expense of L/R separation and the slight hollowness on the upper end.
Overall, a great speaker and is certainly giftable. You can tell they took a little care to the packaging -- while not Apple-like, it's better than most which is important as a gift. Also, the box has an active UPC code which may allude to their ambitions beyond Amazon selling and subsequent attention to QC.
Oh, and the upper panel lights up in a nice and even white glow... reminding me ironically of "Tron".


Loud. Best quality for the price.

After challenging myself to find the best Bluetooth speaker I could find for 50 or less I came across this one. It had the most wattage and highest rating for the price point. It's loud with great bass, I'm totally satisfied with how it sounds! Everything works great, Bluetooth connectivity and the line in, there’s a mini SD card slot I haven’t tested but I know for a fact I will never use that so nothing lost there anyway I suppose. The display lights up nice and bright and looks great, real futuristic "tron"-ish sorta look. The unit itself is actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be and it comes with an aux cable and a USB cable for charging and it's packaged quite well actually.


Great Quality Speaker

I’m pleasantly surprised with this speaker. I bought it because I needed a quick replacement and they offered 1-day delivery through amazon prime.
This speaker produces great sounds and can handle heavy bass. Though it’s light, it is very sturdy. In my video, I am not even playing it at full volume because it’s sooo loud. Definitely would recommend!


Great bass for price

Wow for the price this speaker sounds great. Not as crisp as more expensive speakers but can get loud enough to fill a big room. I am not a fan of the touch controls instead of push button but that is simply because I use it at work and move constantly to different areas where sometimes I will grab it and accidentally skip a song. Other than that for the price sounds on par with more expensive jbl speakers.


Great speaker.

I had done a ton of research. Was thinking of getting the oontz angle xl and of course some other popular brands but I just couldn’t afford the price tag. Stumbled across this one after hours of research and thought give it a try. It is impressive for its size. Not crazy pounding bass but enough you can hear it if that makes sense. It will rattle its self off a shelf. Thought that was impressive as well. Provides decent sound outdoors. Looking forward to using it during the summer months in the backyard. Don’t get it wet though. It’s not rated for that!


Truly portable, truly deep rich sound.

It turns my table into a small TV. Bluetooth and speaker tech have taken a quantum leap forward in the last 3 years. This little box gives truly room filling sound with great bass and super long battery life.
The volume slider is not as intuitive as the advertisement claims. That's a minor annoyance. Last year, this box would cost nearly $200 easily. I'm a Bluetooth headphone junkie and currently use Bludio Victory's and BluAnt PumpZone work out headphones. I love great sound. I have an Onkyo 5.1 entertainment system with receiver. I have an upgraded radio, speakers and a sub in my truck. I love great sound. This little box is a great purchase and a no-brainer. It won't be loud enough to make a bumping party, but it's a great companion to your terrible laptop, table and cell phone speakers. Well-constructed and pretty sophisticated looking- this is a great portable sound system. Enjoy!


Great sound.

I need a louder speaker with clear sound. This is definitely the join of those two requirements. it's perfect and looks like it would have costed more than what it does. Overall, Amazing product for such a reasonable price! But also and long lasting battery time. The only thing I can think of it's weight-slightly heavy. A nice thanksgiving Gift.


Pretty good for the price.

It's not a bad Bluetooth speaker. It does get pretty loud. The bass is a little thin. It's there. It's just not as powerful as some of the reviews suggest. It's not the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I've ever heard. But, it's definitely one of the better ones at this price. Of course, if you're looking for perfect sound quality and accuracy, you're probably not looking in this price range.
Overall, it's a nice addition to my mantle. It's nice to be able to pull my phone out of my pocket and just press play.


I like my Tronsmart 40W speaker

I like my Tronsmart 40W speaker, I am very impressed by the quality and the overall volume of this things sound. it's loud, offers significant bass and other low end which is great because I work in a machine shop and this is the first speaker I’ve been able to use around the machines. Vocals during commercials or talk segments come through exceptionally clearly and frequently confuses people making them think that the voice is actually present in the room instead of coming from a radio or portable speaker. my only complaint or rather grievance with this speaker is that it's not equipped with any guards or bumpers or anything in the way of making it more durable or rugged. It's fairly solid and somewhat heavy. I have only knocked it over once, but the sound it gave bouncing off of the cement really made me cringe and immediately inspect it for internal rattles. It wasn't damaged at all, but I think if were to drop it a few more times, it would probably not be in great shape. it's rigid plastic with sharp edges and corners and I haven't found any sort of aftermarket cover or case to protect it yet either.


This thing gets LOUD!

This is an awesome speaker if you are looking for sound. I'm sure that audiophiles would undoubtedly find issue with something, but if you want a good speaker with great volume for use at the beach, in the garage, in the backyard, camping, on the job site, in the gym, or anywhere else that you need to hear the music, then this is a great buy. Don't get me wrong, it's good for general use around the house too, but particularly good if you want to turn it up. It's also a pretty compact size considering how powerful it is so it's really good for travel.


This has got to be the best $50 Bluetooth speaker available

Bar none, this has got to be the best $50 Bluetooth speaker available. I've owned over 5 up to this point, from 5 watt models, up to what was previously a generous 20 watt model. That 20 watt model costed me $60 at the time (probably a year before this review was written) I was wanting to step it up even more. 40 watt! 20 watt per 2+" driver! This thing delivers! I am extremely impressed, won't find a better speaker for this price. Don't hesitate, get it!


working great

Once u learn how to roll ur finger on the volume control and charge it in the off position. It's been working great.


Portable, LOUD, Good Value

Great Bluetooth speaker for the price - quite a bit of volume and clear sound. Love the NFC capability - instantly paired with my Samsung Galaxy S8.
Appreciate the fact this has a line in for a 3.5mm cable (included) - nice if you want to use this with something that doesn't have Bluetooth.



I've tried 6 or 7 Bluetooth speakers. None close to this. I'm a professional musician and I'm using this as a personal monitor for my piano when I'm performing. It calls for a wide frequency response. It handles the bass and treble no problem with volume to spare. And it's wonderful for just playing music.


Awesome sounding speakers

I really like this Bluetooth speaker, but the cons prevent me for a 5 star review.
I don't like the automatic time-out and power off and sometimes I have issues connecting. That's it. But once connected this amazing little box Rocks. For the device itself, it is beyond 5 stars when playing music. It's just the timeout thing drives me nuts and I wish they had a battery level indicator - I can never tell the charge level and have went to use it and it only lasted a few minutes - I couldn't tell if it did it's power time out thing or if the battery was drained. "Battery was drained." If you can live with the minor issues, out of the 6 plus Bluetooth speakers I've owned, and most more expensive, this is the best sounding and best quality: cost device I own.


Good things come in small packages, ' Powerful speaker '

Good thing comes in small packages, amazing speaker, amazing sound, gorgeous pretty looks, fantastic sound, big bass. It is like a very good-looking gorgeous Lady, I am in love with it. Good price too! !


For non-audiophiles looking for a loud speaker, this one works w

So I bought this after much research and hesitation. I am not an audiophile but still wanted something that would be loud enough to fill a large workspace (for working in huge garages for heavy equipment with lots of background noise). As far as the quality, only when turned all the way up to max volume did I notice a difference in sound quality, but otherwise, for any layman like myself it worked just fine for music I was playing- rap, rock, etc. I never had a problem with the controls, though I can see how they might get annoying. I also can see how compared to other cheaper speakers, the Tronsmart's performance is not as good, but like I said, for those of us who aren't audiophiles, this thing should work well.


Very loud, though I was expecting slightly louder.

Very loud, though I was expecting slightly louder. It is louder than my older 20 watt BT speaker, but not 2x as loud.



Looks really smart. A great sound and great volume for a smaller speaker and a lot better than some of the big brand names I went and checked out prior to buying this. Easy to connect via Bluetooth. Touch controls respond very well. Extremely pleased with it. Seems a brilliant buy so far.


Something loud for a great price. Sound quality is decent not gr

This is probably the best $50 speaker you’ll find. Doesn't quite push 40 watts though, probably more like 30 or 25 watts is what it sounds like when compared to my 20watt vava voom. Sound quality isn't A+ but isn’t bad either. The plus side is its pretty loud you can't go wrong with this speaker because of its price. The lit-up touch integration is also nice. If it was more expensive id be disappointed with it. But since I got it for $39 im not complaining.


Fabulous all round sound.

This speaker has exceeded my expectations on all levels. The bass and volume are more than enough for an outdoor event in the back garden and for around the home. Tested it to the max and it is one mighty loud beast. Have mine around 40% and that’s just fine for my bath time. Will be taking this speaker on holiday with me and it connects easily with my Galaxy Tab A using Bluetooth. Tried it with the Samsung smart TV too and it doubles up perfectly as a sound bar. Just great. If you need portable sounds on the go then look no further. 10/10. Well done Tronsmart.


Louder than I thought!

When I received this speaker, I was impressed on how loud it actually got. I work in a body shop and the speaker is plenty enough to overcome all the noise in a shop. Good sound quality for what the price is (very little distortion at full blast). Everything else is very nice, the finish and touchpad buttons are of good quality. Very satisfied with this!
The only problem I had with this speaker is it doesn't seem to want to charge fully but I keep it plugged in and that just solves that.


with a good sound for everyday use and for the social occasion w

Wanted something. With a good sound for everyday use and for the social occasion when you want to turn it! Very very pleased. Was unsure about the name however this beat many I have seen. Friends have been a little envious having spent double and more on only wanting the brand name. This does not. disappoint. Great sturdy black box to keep it in... I would highly recommend. In fact, look no further and buy this one!


The sound is great!

The sound is great! It was easy to link to both our phones. The wattage and the run time on a charge were double the amount of those we found on the blue tooth speakers locally. Very happy. We own a Bose but it is great to have a speaker like this to move from the office to the kitchen and into the kid’s room when needed.


Amazing Sound Quality

Bought this as a gift for my dad. He likes it cause it sounds similar to a bose and JBL speaker. Only this one is way better in sound and bass. The only problem I have with this is the Bluetooth connection bouncing on and off while paired to his Sony Tv.


Very good for the price

I like this speaker because I work in a very loud environment with lots of heavy machinery running all day, and I needed a speaker loud enough to power over all the ambient noise at my job. This speaker does it, however, it only runs for about 5 hours at full volume on a full charge before it dies. The sound does get a little distorted at higher frequencies (Rob Halford high notes, for example) but for the price, it's just as loud, if not louder than all the expensive JBL speakers that my coworkers use. I'd definitely recommend this.


The best speaker I've owned

The best speaker I've owned, the sound quality is second to none, alone with a great subwoofer you can really feel the bass, great for parties and outdoor events, a cool feature it has is NFC support you just place your phone over and it's connected.


a lot of sound in a little package

good value for the money. doesn't have the thumping base but what do you expect for its size and low cost. According to my phone app it tops out around 84 dB without any distortion. I considered getting 2 of these but instead I'm a get more of a boombox set up so I have the base also that I need in an outdoor setting.


It's pretty loud

This Bluetooth speaker is super loud, even my neighbor came knocked my door when I tested the speaker. The base of this speaker is super nice too. The set up was easy it only took me a few seconds to get it working. It allows me to connect via Bluetooth and AUX (an aux cable came with the package). I am pretty satisfied with this speaker.


Sounds great, great price, but inconvenient

PROS: Great, clear sound. Impressive bass. Gets loud. Bluetooth connects quickly. Only $50. CONS: Control panel stays lit (bad for bedside use at night.) The touch controls are fancy but that also means that when you carry the speaker, you have to be careful not to touch the top accidentally. The Bluetooth range sucks. It cuts out if turn around with the phone in my pocket 4 feet away. The "intuitive" volume control is BS, you have to press + or - like on any other speaker Then there's a delay, and the volume changes in really large increments, so if you don't want it to suddenly start blasting alarmingly you're better off using your phone's volume control at all times. BOTTOM LINE: It stays in the kitchen with my phone right near it and sounds really great for the price, so I would recommend it ONLY for this sort of purpose. I'll have to find another speaker to carry with me in the car and to work sites, but I'm afraid I'll have to pay quite a bit more.


Excellent quality barely loud enough.

I don't want to bring harm to anyone with a bad review, just an honest one. The sound quality is great. At its loudest volume it simply is NOT what I expect from 40 watts. Its not loud enough to warrant calling it great.


Buy it!

I have owned at least 20 different kinds and brands of Bluetooth speakers from 150 dollars on down and this one is the best one ever and only 50 dollars, wow, it is the most powerful little speaker I have ever heard with fullest bass period! I cannot say enough good about it and love it totally. When playing certain types of extra bass it does seem to want to clip the woofer sound a little bit and vibrate a little but if you do not play rap too often like I do not, it is magnificent in all formats of music. I just bought a second one for my son who lives in Puerto Rico after only having this one for 3 days. All can say is built very solid and has good weight and is extremely clear even wide open! I am astonished at the quality of this unit all around and I am not being to say any of this for sure. I even look for the price of this to increase quite a bit in the future and know there are many, many others to choose from in the range but this is the BEST one in my opinion hands down! Buy it!


Great quality

I usually listen electronic music with lots of bass, im proud of my buying, keep making good speakers at low prices, Thanks to all Tronsmart team.

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Element Mega SoundPulse® Indoor Speaker

  • SoundPulse® Technology.
  • Powerful High-fidelity sound
  • Intuitive Touch Control.
  • True Wireless Stereo Pairing.
  • NFC Streaming.

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