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The Differences You Need To Know Between T6 Plus and T6 Plus Upgraded Edition

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What's the difference between the old T6 Plus and the new T6 Plus Upgraded Edition (T6 Plus 2020)? Which one should I buy?

In January 2020, Tronsmart announced a new Bluetooth speaker, the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition (T6 Plus 2020). From the name of this model, it’s easy to figure out that this is the upgraded version of the old T6 Plus. Some customers might be curious about what is the upgrade or improvement of this new model? Which one should I buy? Let's take a deep look between these two products.


Both of them have the classical cylindrical rounded shape that is portable to grab and go.

But the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition improves the exterior design to a more smooth, stylish level that is more eye-catching and comfortable for holding. It's also built with improved tactile buttons that allow you to recognize and activate functions more easily.

The size of the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition is 8.27 inches tall and 3.31 inches wide, which is a bit bigger than the old T6 Plus that is 7.99 inches tall and 3.23 inches wide. As for the weight, the new T6 Plus Upgraded Edition is around 750 grams which is a bit heavier than the old T6 Plus’s 670 grams.

Sound Quality

Both speakers are engineered with the patented SoundPulse audio technology that can deliver powerful 40 watts output from a compact size. They're all equipped with dual passive radiators that produce deep bass. They both support TWS pairing and equalizer audio modes. 

The only one big different thing between them is that thanks to the custom-positioned drivers, the new T6 Plus Upgraded Edition can deliver true 360-degree surround sound for a room-filling experience.

Although the old T6 Plus cannot produce all-around sound, if you have two old T6 Plus speakers, you can pair them together to achieve the 3D stereo sound. By the way, the old T6 Plus can not pair with the new T6 Plus Upgraded Edition together for stereo sound effect. 


Two speakers all enable Bluetooth connection. When in first use, you need to connect the speaker to your phone manually. Next time, when you power on the speaker, it will automatically re-connect to your device for music playing.

Besides, the new T6 Plus Upgraded Edition adds NFC one-tap connection technology. If your device is compatible with NFC pairing, you can simply touch your device to the NFC touch area of the speaker for a quick and seamless connection.


Finally, let’s have a quick look at these two products.

The exclusive functions/design of the new T6 Plus Upgraded Edition are:

True 360-degree sound,

NFC connection,

and the improved cylindrical shape.

The functions/design they both have:

SoundPulse technology for powerful 40 watts output

Dual passive radiator for deep bass

Intuitive multifunctional control wheel, including rotating volume control

IPX6 water-resistant

Three equalizer audio modes

Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection

True Wireless Stereo function

Up to 15 hours of playtime

USB-A charge out function

Aux-in audio playing

USB-C charging port

After the detailed comparison above, maybe you have the decision that which is your next perfect outdoor companion. No matter which one you’ll buy, hopefully you’ll enjoy it and we’re glad to hear your feedback anytime for helping us to improve the product all the way.

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