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Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds
  • Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds

Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds

33 Reviews 
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling.
  • Qualcomm QCC5124 Flagship Chip.
  • Multiple Modes Switching.
  • Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio Decoding.
  • Intelligent App Control.

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For Peace. For Music
Reduce up to 35dB of noise from full frequency; Immersive you with quiet, deep and wide.
Full Frequency Hybrid ANC
The Apollo Program
-The Advances in Technology
-The Great Courage of Human
The Apollo Bold
-The Advances in Hybrid ANC Technology
-A Bold Creation of Tronsmart
On July 20, 1969, Armstrong walked his first step on the moon from Apollo 11, the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon. This mission was called the Apollo program... It was also the milestone of human's history as "One small step for a man one giant leap for mankind." The birth of Apollo 11 spacecraft marks the great improvement of science; the small step Armstrong stepped represents the great courage of human.
On July 15, 2020, Tronsmart launched its first hybrid active noise cancelling TWS+ earbuds which named Apollo Bold. Inspired by the Apollo program, Tronsmart named the product Apollo Bold to inherit the same spirit. The birth of Apollo Bold shows the improvement of True Wireless technology industry; Tronsmart also hopes every person who uses this product will have the same courage on their own life journey like Armstrong. In the end, Tronsmart Apollo Bold will provide you with the quietness like on the moon.
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“Sound incredibly capable. Impressive active noise cancelling efficiency.”
“Tronsmart Becomes New Player in Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TrueWireless Earbuds Market With Apollo Bold”
“Affordable, Premium TWS Earbuds with Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus Technology ”
“Tronsmart Becomes New Player in Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TrueWireless Earbuds Market With Apollo Bold”
“With Qualcomm flagship QCC5124 chip, Tronsmart Apollo Bold makes the best performance on both ANC and BT signal processing without any interference.”
“This advanced active noise cancelling product with a more affordable price than its competitor.”
“With hybrid noise-cancelling technology, Tronsmart Apollo Bold makes the best sound.”
360° Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling
Hybrid ANC technology together with 6 mics cancels the noises from every corner.
Feedback ANC:
The microphone reduces noises in a broader range of frequencies.
Feedforward ANC:
The microphone reduces noises in a narrow range of frequencies.
Feedforward ANC works within a narrower range and shallower frequencies.
Feedback ANC works within a broader range and deeper frequencies.
Hybrid ANC combines the FF ANC and FB ANC, it can work within full frequency noises.
Leading Qualcomm® Flagship Chip
For Sound. For Experience.
Equipped with the Qualcomm® QCC5124 flagship chip, Apollo Bold brings you unprecedented using experience and sound quality.
Less Power
Sound Quality
Music Feast Never Delay
The advanced TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus synchronous signal transmission technology is used for more desirable sound without any delay.
Other Earbuds
True Wireless Stereo
Tronsmart Apollo Bold
TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus
*  TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus synchronous signal transmission technology only for those compatible devices.
Unrestricted Usability
Ambient Sound Mode
Commute with music
Refuse any noise
Immerse in music
Explore Every Detail
Customized graphene driver works with Qualcomm® aptX™ decoding for superb sound quality.
Qualcomm® aptX™
For Studio
Quality Audio
Balanced and Detailed
Sound for iOS
Well Balanced & Rich
Sound for Android
Graphene Driver
Larger Amplitude and Wider
Frequency Response Range
*Lossless Qualcomm® aptX™ audio only for those compatible devices.
Customized LDS Laser Antenna for a Robust Connection
LDS Laser Antenna
Great Consistency, 
Stable Performance
Less Signal Interference,
High Penetration
Large Transmission Area,
Broad Signal Range
Type-C Quick Charging
Music All Day Long
Up to
10 Hours
Playtime on a Single Charge.
30 Hours
Playtime with Charging Case.
10 Mins of Charging for 1-hour Use.
*Max 10 hours at 50% volume level. Max 6 hours at 100% volume level. Actual results may vary depending on different music genres, volume, environment temperature and more.
Exclusive APP for Smarter Use
OTA Upgrade Function
EQ Sound Effects Switch
Customizable Touch Control
The APP will be available in September.
Pressure Free Touch Control
Activate Voice Assistant
Volume +/-
Play Music
Next/Previous Track
Answer/Reject a Call
Three-point Stable Structure
Never Fall Out
Three-point structure for stability and ergonomic design for ultra comfort.
Take out to Pause
Intelligent In-ear Detection
Play music automatically when you put them in.
Dust? Sweat? Rain? No Worries!
IP45 rated dustproof and waterproof feature lets you enjoy music anywhere anytime.
ANC On /Off
Ambient Sound Mode
Next Track
Previous Track
Volume +
Volume -
Answer/End a Phone Call
Reject a Phone Call
Activate Voice Assistant
Tronsmart Apollo Bold Airpods Pro Sony WF-1000XM3
Price 99.99USD 249USD 179.99USD
Noise Cancellation 35dB Hybrid active noise cancelling & 6 mics for 360° noise cancelling 35dB Hybrid active noise cancelling 35dB Hybrid active noise cancelling
 Chip Qualcomm QCC5124 H1 Chip QN1e
Signal Transmission TWS+ TWS TWS+
Waterproof IP45 IPX4 IPX4
Control Touch control Touch control Touch control
Qualcomm® cVc™ Audio Technology × ×
Audio Quality aptX™, AAC , SBC AAC SBC, AAC
Playtime(Single Charge) Up to 10-Hour Up to 4.5-Hour Up to 8-Hour
Playtime (with Charging Case) Over 30-Hour Up to 24-Hour Up to 32-Hour
Charging Port Type-C Lightning Type-C
Weight (Earbuds) 0.24 oz 0.38 oz 0.6 oz
Volume (Charging Case) 1.16 x 0.75 inches 2.39 × 1.78 × 0.85 inches 2.20 x 1.85 x 0.98 inches
Voice Assistant
Wireless Version V5.0 V5.0 V5.0
Connection Distance Up to 15m Up to 10m Up to 10m
Apollo Bold
Qualcomm® QCC5124
Audio Codecs
aptX, SBC, AAC
Wireless Version
Wireless Range
Up to 15 meters / 50 feet
IP Rating
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)
Earphone: ANC On: up to 7 Hours (50% Volume) ANC Off: up to 10 Hours (50% Volume); Charging Case: up to 30 Hours (50% Volume)
Charging Time
Earbud: 2 to 2.5 Hours Charging Case: 2.5 Hours
Frequency Range
20Hz - 20KHz
Driver Unit
Product Dimension
Earbud: 16.86 x 23.13 x 23.96 mm / 0.66 x 0.91 x 0.94 inchesCharging Case: 29.45 x 19.03 mm / 1.16 x 0.75 inches
Product Weight
Earbud: about 7.0g / 0.24ozWith Charging Case: about 54.0g / 1.90oz
Package Contents
1 x Apollo Bold TWS+ ANC Earbuds with Charging Case, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Quick Start Guide.



Initially connected to my phone and sounded ok, downloaded the app, the app doesn't know the phone is connected to the ear buds and wants me to connect, that's where the problems started. I ddisconnected and managed to get it to connect to one of them, it says connect the other one to explore all features. how? after messing about trying to get it to connect to one or both of the avaiable tonsmart devices in bluetooth it now wont connect to either of them. the case is a fiddly nuisance, the earbuds also look almost the same, its just a fiddle to know which one you're even holding and see if it will line up with the hole in the case. I've not been able te re set them to go into pairing mode again, pressing 5 times doesn't seem to work. they are close to going in the bin now.


Bass heavy but still sound good. Definitely improves with conti


I reviewed the Tronsmart Apollo Bold active noise cancelling TWS a while back and the conclusion to my review was that I couldn’t recommend them due to their excessive bass in my opinion. Well, it’s time to eat some humble pie - After a combination of software update and burning in (I guess) they sound good - really REALLY GOOD!

What’s Changed
Much of my original review still counts - if you want the minute details on these headphones, check out the following link for some truly excellent reviews.

The recent software update has enabled some basic EQ controls (which are retained by the headphones themselves so they’re still in place when you use the Bold’s with other DAP’s). Although it would be nice to have finer controls, the Jazz setting seems to calm that bass down somewhat without overly affecting the other frequencies.

Even without the EQ though, the Bold’s had started to calm down somewhat - they’re a surprisingly detailed TWS and yet they’re not bright - just nicely detailed in the treble region. There’s still some additional noise generated when using either the active noise cancelling or ambient sound mode but then if you’re in an environment where you’re going to need these features, you probably won’t notice. In truth, the Sony WF1000XM3’s do offer better noise cancelling - but not by much.

The sound character does change when ANC/Ambient is switched off. The noise floor effectively disappears and the bass is reduced slightly. Truth be told, all the modes sound pretty good when used according to your environment.
Future Features
One feature I really would like to see in a future update is the ability to switch off the touch controls so that they can be used in bed. At the moment I find it virtually impossible to use these in bed because of the constant triggering from the touch controls. Strangely Sony uses a very similar touch-system on their WF models and yet don’t suffer with this problem. This is a shame because the additional bass from the Bold’s work really well when listening at lower volumes.

Pros and Cons

Good wireless range
Good battery life
Very light weight
Full range sound
Active noise cancelling

Touch controls too sensitive
Bass boosted (but not too bad with Jazz EQ applied)
Case feels flimsy


I feel that I can now easily recommend these headphones. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still not perfect but are definitely a step up from the usual budget offerings. They have a ‘big’ sound which kinda sounds like full-sized headphones. Whilst perhaps not accurate in the usual sense of the word, they do have a ‘fun’ or even ‘musical’ sound which I really like.


Almost 5 *

On AliExpress I gave these earbuds 4 stars as I first encountered them, so it was my first reaction - and first impression always matters! Tronsmart Apollo Bold aren't the greatest earbuds ever, as the marketing is trying to sugest us, unlike, for example, the Tronsmart Element Force plus Bluetooth speaker (that I own), which amazed me... So, for the best listening experience, you should use the Tronsmart app and fix Pop EQ with ANC off. Also, if you use a Huawei Phone, set the Huawei Histen sound effects to Auto, and in Developer Options, set at Bluetooth 44,1 kHz 16 bit sampling, with aptX or AAC codec, and maybe you'll be satisfied... Overall, I'll give it almost 5 stars, because with these earbuds I downgraded from JBL earphones and SONY WIC200 (3 times cheaper than Tronsmart and mind-blowing sound experience). Let's hope I won't regret the aquisition în time...


Nice product

l am very satisfied with Apollo Bold. My ears are sensitive for good sound quality, I also play keyboard.
I already tested with Audiophile music, and I can tell it has a very good sound. Tronsmart: It would be nice to have a manual equalizer in the IOS Application. About the comfort: these are comfortable to wear, don't fall out from ears, any bad feelings by walking. I am happy, that I chose Tronsmart!!!! They are doing well!


Buenas sensaciones

Muy bien de sonido en general, quizás abuse un poco de graves al activar la cancelación de ruido.
El mundo ambiente es una pasada cuando quieres escuchar ruidos, sonidos y voces de tu alrededor.
La única pega es el tamaño de las almohadillas, son bastante grandes y no valdrán para todas las orejas.


Happy with the purchase.

Best ANC I've experienced in a Bluetooth earbud. Great for road noise. Great sound quality. Very comfy. Very happy with the purchase.


Beautiful design!

I love this beautiful design! I think this is one of the best looking earbuds that I have so far. They fit comfortably in my ear. They are light weight yet heavy enough that you feel its solid quality. I couldn't have any complaints about the sound quality. For me low latency is one of the main consideration, these earbuds do it very well!


Best I've Tried

These are the best True Wireless earbuds I've had the pleasure of using. Sounds fantastic! Fit is great too, very comfortable.


Very happy with the purchase, worth the premium price

I had high expectations and these earbuds beat them. Definitely worth the premium price.


Works great

Works great. Easy to configure and use. And I think this is a great product for the price point.


Noise canceling is great!

These are all-around great. I used them on a plane flight of about 3 hours. It didn’t fully mute the plane noise, but it was really close. The fit is really important for the sound cancelling of course. Superb noise cancelling.


Great sound, easy to operate and battery runs long

I like the sound quality and the adjustability with the extra sizes of rubber earbud covers. Charges fast and play long. Nice purchase.


Bass heavy but still sound good. Definitely improves with conti

Initial Impressions
I’ve had the opportunity to review a number of wireless headphones over the last couple of years - Tronsmart very kindly sent me a set of their latest active noise cancelling TWS earbuds to review - the Apollo. Packaging for the Apollo’s is extremely impressive - definitely comparable to the packaging used on my Sony WF1000XM3’s. Unfolding the magnetically secured box reveals the charging case and headphones embedded in some surprisingly difficult to remove packaging. Overall the packaging shouts out that you’re getting a good quality product.

You get the usual accessories - short charging cable, a couple of instruction manuals, two additional pairs of silicone tips in different sizes (no foamies here) and a pleather drawstring carry case (which is a nice touch). Note that all three pairs of tips appear to be quite small (to me at least) so those of you with larger ear holes may need to raid their eartip collection - the good news is that, even with their unusual oval stem, you shouldn’t have any problems finding alternatives.

As with many true wireless headphones, the case uses magnets to secure the buds in place when charging and assists in keeping the lid closed. Whilst it works perfectly well, the case does feel somewhat flimsy and doesn’t give the impression that it could cope with a lot of rough and tumble. The case uses USB Type C for charging but doesn’t feature wireless charging. Unfortunately there’s only one LED on the case to indicate charge - it would have been nice to have a row of LEDS to help more accurately show remaining battery life.

The headphones themselves really do look nice with the gold trim around the touch sensor. To my eyes, they look as premium as anything from Sennheiser or Sony. Nice touch there. One of the first things I noticed was just how light they are - way lighter than I expected. These headphones have a reasonable IP rating so there shouldn’t be any problems with encountering water. Unusually, the stems are oval shaped but I’ve found that this actually helps keep the tips nice and secure. In all fairness I have to say that their lightness greatly helps when it comes to maintaining a good fit.

The touch sensors on the Apollo’s work in a similar way to the Sony WF1000XM3’s - kinda. I must admit it’s taking some time getting used to the unusual control logic on these buds but it’s nice to have the remote volume option - something that the Sony’s lack (unless you’re prepared to sacrifice other functions). Like many of the other TWS headphones out there that feature touch controls, the Apollo’s suffer from sometimes being too sensitive - usually resulting in unwanted changes to the volume. The controls operate like this:-

L/R 1 Tap - Change volume

L/R 2 Taps - Play/Pause/Answer/Hang Up

L/R 3 Taps - Cycle through the various noise cancelling modes

L/R Tap and hold - Skip Track

You can perhaps see just how easy it is to find yourself increasing the volume rather than pausing the music for example. Sony’s touch controls are definitely better - even if they don’t have the same degree of fine control.

Battery life appears good - although I’ve not really had the chance to test this out properly yet. Tronsmart claim the Apollos’ have up to 10 hours playback from a single charge and 30 hours before you have to recharge the case - I suspect that these figures would be measured with active noise cancelling switched off, a fairly low volume setting and the SBC codec employed.

Unlike the Sony’s, the Apollo’s feature a reasonable degree of water resistance - always a welcome feature on portable stuff. I can’t imagine just how difficult it would be to get these buds out of their case with wet hands, it’s bloody hard enough with dry hands. This is also a real problem with the Lypertek Tevi’s - it’s a good job they’re both water resistant because the moment you attempt to take either of them out when you’re outside in the rain - you’re practically guaranteed to drop them in the nearest puddle. Apart from the somewhat flimsy construction and the surprisingly light weight of the earbuds, the Apollo’s look like a decent package.

Bluetooth Performance is better than average and the Apollos easily pass the upstairs bathroom test with flying colours. They pair well with my Sony NW-A55 and can go more than loud enough for me.

Active Noise Cancelling
The active noise cancelling isn’t as effective as the Sony’s but in all fairness they don’t cost the same as the Sony’s either. The ambient sound is definitely muffled but it’s still there. The Sony’s can be uncanny sometimes with their noise cancelling but the Apollo’s do share one thing with the Sony’s and that is that the active noise cancelling doesn’t overly affect the sound quality.

Sound Quality
Right. Up front I have to say that these are ‘bass monster’ headphones. They’re not flat. They’re not audiophile - but they can sound fun. I’m not normally a big believer in ‘breaking in’ headphones - perhaps the first few minutes of playback allow the drivers to form their natural shape - microscopically speaking, but that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. I have given these headphones a good few hours playback at both low and fairly loud volumes and their sound character has changed slightly - but the bass just overpowers the other frequencies. (Note that at the end of this review there is an amendment to that statement - I wanted to keep the original review intact to help show the differences a decent burn in time can make to the Apollo's.)

Definitely the dominant frequency. This boosted bass makes these headphones ideal for listening at very low volume.

Fairly recessed and perhaps lacking in some of the finer details but unfortunately just overpowered by the bass.

Treble is nicely detailed and falls just below my personal 'harsh' zone.

Due to the overall shape of the headphones and the fairly small tips/shallow insertion depth, this results in what I feel is a less than ideal fit. However, taking into account both the active noise cancellation and the excessive 'V' shape to the sound means that the actual overall sound quality is pretty good - as long as you’re listening at low volume and/or avoiding bass-rich genres. I've really enjoyed listening to some of the 70's rock in my collection. Rush, Floyd, Genesis, Wakeman, Yes and so on. These old recordings sound pretty nice with this massive bass boost.

One effective way of overcoming this massive amount of bass is to avoid deep insertion or even bothering to get an effective seal. Just simply ‘popping’ the headphones in - and not making any attempt at fit or seal, resulted in the excessive bass simply bleeding away - producing a ‘flatter’ sound profile. The downside is of course greatly redacted noise cancellation and loss of volume. All said and done though - wayyyyyyyy too much bass.

I really wanted to like these headphones. They’re well specced, look good and are comfortable. Unfortunately the excessive bass simply spoils them for me. On the plus side, they do make an excellent IEM for late night listening in bed at super low volumes - the excessive bass sounds really nice then. I’m hoping that one possible future feature the Apollo’s may have when they release the software is the ability to store EQ settings on the IEM’s themselves - then, after cranking the bass well down, you will end up with a really nice sounding pair of TWS headphones. Let's hope that this happens! As they stand right now, I can't recommend them. However I shall definitely keep my eye out for their application which is due out shortly.

Amazon Link
Tronsmart Website

Amendments to the original review.
I felt compelled to re-evaluate my thoughts on the Apollo's and, rather than re-writing the review I thought it might be more appropriate to leave it in so as to illustrate how first impressions can change. I've never been much of a believer in 'burn in' - especially with the tiny drivers in IEM's. My experience with these has made me rethink this. Whilst I accept that 'brain burn in' is as likely a phenomenon, there's no doubt in my mind that the Apollo Bolds' have definitely improved over time.

Whilst they're still a little too bassy for my liking, they really have begun to shine in their sound quality. Whilst at the louder volumes I normally listen to music at I still find them a bit too much but at significantly lower volumes (i.e. at night, in bed), they sound bloody fantastic.

At low volumes the extra bass humphhh really works well with pretty much all genres of music - and the soundstage really comes alive.

One criticism is that the touch controls are too sensitive making them a bit difficult to use in bed without occasionally triggering volume changes or track skipping. Sony's touch controls seem to be pretty good at rejecting accidental touches - I wonder if they use the accelerometer as well as the touch sensitive controller?

These may well turn out to be my new bedtime headphones


Good quality earbuds with good audio quality

The Tronsmart Bluetooth earbuds are very good quality. They come in a stylish carry case that also works as a battery powered charging pad for the earbuds, ensuring they are fully charged prior to use unless of course, the case runs out of power. The case can be recharged at any time.

The earbuds firstly sit comfortably in your ear and pair very easily. The sound quality is good and the volume is excellent. The earbud controls work perfectly and overall I believe this is a great set of earbuds for the price paid.


Amazing noise cancellation

I work outside lots of loud gas equipment and with this one, I hardly hear anything, scared a rattlesnake will get me if I don't pay attention :p amazing battery is okay need a full charge every other day if you use it very often like I do


Worth every penny!

These are legit! I can mow the lawn on a riding mower and hear my music no problem! Great for working out, yard work or just casual listening. I’ve tried lots of in ear headphones, and these are the only ones that fit comfortably in my ears and don’t fall out.


Overall it is a nice product

These are by far the most comfortable active noise cancelling headphones I have ever owned. The sound quality is amazing. And the call quality equally so. These I've had them in all day and haven't had one issue with them.


Just love these little guys

I didn’t expect these earbuds to be so comfortable. The sound is amazingly crisp and clear. These will become my main Bluetooth headset. Well worth the money.


Perfect headphones!

These earphones are super-comfortable in my ears and have excellent sound quality. The sound quality is excellent, and the noise-cancelling is top-notch, and a feature you don’t often find on truly wireless headsets.


These flat out sound great!

Sound quality is fantastic, noise canceling works as advertised, synced right out of the box no problem. After using a few days they are still great.


Good sound with amazing noise cancelling

The sound quality that comes out of these small earpieces is beyond phenomenal. The crispness and clarity of the sound quality blow my mind away. One of the things I love about earbuds is the fact I can wear them at work and not look like I'm a DJ. If I could, I would definitely give it more the 5 stars.


My Ideal Kind of Wireless Earbuds

In terms of looks, I find it to be a classy look. It definitely doesn't look bulky, (like an oversized bug sitting in your ear) and it feels lightweight, being overall comfortable. In terms of sound quality and noise cancelling, I find it to be excellent. Sound quality is flat and natural. My music library consists of mostly hip hop/lo-fi music and these have great bass without being overly "boomy" nor too tight.



Today I dot my pair of Tronsmart Apollo Bold, and I must say I'm impressed for the price.
Yes, the bass is very uplifted related to what I'm used with my other cans, but very easily corrected with some eq. When bass-corrected. these earbuds sound IMHO quite good(i say quite good with regards to the other cans I have), and if I think about the price I would say they sound really very good.
Comfort-wise, again I would say they are very good, light and very stable in the ear.
The touchpad is very comfortable and responsive when you get the hang of it.
All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase, and I would suggest them without hesitation if someone asks me.


Comfy, stylish and great sound

It’s great just to put them in in a noisy place and enjoy the instant tranquillity when the noise cancellation kicks in. The sound quality is decent. Pairing is instantaneous.


High quality and effective noise cancellation

These are brilliant, the noise cancellation is better than expected with a discreet and comfortable fit. Perfect all-rounder.


Absolutely AWESOME!!!

I can’t express how much I love these. I did loads of research looking for a pair of ANC earbuds that please me and I found it! The sound quality is great, the noise cancelling is good as well. Everything is great!


Highly recommended

I am very happily pleased with this purchase. The noise cancellation is amazing. It works so well. The supplied ear tips make sure that these stay in my ears and don’t move around. It seamlessly transitions between my devices. Highly recommended.



Sound isolation and water-resistance are my favourite features! Was super blown away by how it silences a lot of the noise around me until the noise cancelling mode is activated!


Authentic and Beautiful, Love this way more than ever expected.

Best earbuds I’ve ever purchased. For years I wanted wireless noise cancelling earbuds after using the other ANC earbuds. The noise cancelling is slightly above average and the ambient mode is extremely useful on the go or whenever you need to hear your surroundings with your music.


Needs more stars!

I wish I could give more than five stars. I’m a very picky person when it comes to what sounds are flooding my ears. And these are hands down the best earbuds I’ve ever owned! They stay perfectly in place through some rigorous working out as well!


Pretty much perfect

The sound quality as well sounds very good to me. I'm by no means an audiophile but I'm a little picky as far as this goes and I'm more than pleased. The ability to switch from noise cancelling to ambient mode is awesome as well.


Impressive sound experience

The sound quality that comes out of these small earpieces is beyond phenomenal. The crispness and clarity of the sound quality blow my mind away. Also, its noise cancellation also impresses me. If I could, I would definitely give it more the 5 stars.


Amazing sound and noise cancellation!

The active noise cancelling is amazing. I walk a lot on busy city streets, and they reduce traffic noise considerably. And the sound is very rich with good bass and clear high notes. All in all, love the sound and the noise cancellation!!

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Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling.
  • Qualcomm QCC5124 Flagship Chip.
  • Multiple Modes Switching.
  • Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio Decoding.
  • Intelligent App Control.

Click to Download the Firmware of Apollo Bold. 

Apollo Bold's Firmware

OTA Update Tutorial

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